2021 Home Design Trends: Ideas To Enhance Any Interior Space

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2021 is finally here, and right along with the new year, there’s a number of home decor and interior design trends to keep an aesthetic eye on. In this guide from our professional team of designers and homebuilders, we’ll take a look at what’s ranking high in style-conscious searches and home design hashtags.

What’s Trending In Home Decor In 2021:

  • Pantone Picks & Interior Color Palettes
  • Fine Furniture + Function
  • Work-From-Home Spaces

Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year: 2-In-1 Takes On A New Meaning

As they do every year, Pantone has released its top pigment picks for 2021. This year, they’ve selected not just one, but two soon-to-be iconic hues: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

According to the official Pantone site, these colors were singled out for their mutually complementary nature. The combination of Ultimate Gray with a lemony and vibrant yellow definitely sums up the saturated sentiments of the past year. Sure, things may seem totally, ultimately bleak, like gray itself, but even in the haze of case numbers and vaccine updates, there have been many moments of hope that can only be captured by the sunniness of a luminous yellow hue.

At McCall Homes, we use Sherwin Williams paint for all our interiors and exteriors. It’s durability, sheens, and warranty make it our preferred choice. Below are a couple examples of the gray and yellow combination used in a bedroom and a living room setting.

Not only has the global COVID-19 pandemic kept us locked up indoors for far too long, but it’s also caused many of us to change the way we view the design and decor selections of our own interior living spaces. With so many countless hours spent between the kitchen, couch, and makeshift offices of our homes, many interior designers and decor professionals have seen a consumer shift towards increasingly functional pieces of furniture. 

Rather than opting for the most eye-catching varieties of coffee tables, loveseats, and the like, more and more homeowners are becoming drawn to the understated look and feel of minimalistic and long-lasting furniture. Also worth noting in home decor trends: a rise in eco-friendly, sustainably upholstered furnishings and textiles.

Making “Work-From-Home” Work For Your Home

Many of us are either transitioning into the “work-from-home” lifestyle or have been finding a way to manage for nearly a year. No matter which category you fall into, it’s important to find an interior decor and residential layout that works for you. 

If you work from an at-home office or similar space, make sure that your productivity zone has a desk chair with ergonomic design — as well as a chaise or loveseat for after-hours relaxation and intermittent work breaks. Just 15 minutes here and there can really make a difference in your overall level of performance!

Depending on your work flow and professional style, you may want to consider redesigning your WFH setup with certain colors that evoke a particular mood. For instance, if you work in a socially focused role or a creative industry, you might benefit from lapis lazuli blues and jewel-tone reds, purples, and pinks. Need a bit of extra confidence? Go for red, orange, and gold accents — these all connote ideas of power, strength, ambition, and success.

Another interior design choice of consideration: plants! Potted ferns, indoor vines, and seasonal blooms are all finding their way into our living areas. Why? Not only do plants tend to “brighten” up an otherwise drab room, but the oxygen they produce has actually been shown to improve mood and health for those who spend significant amounts of time around them. If you can’t avoid the ubiquity of “quarantine” in this day and age, you might as well plant a couple seeds in your free time!

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