4 Family-Friendly Home Must Haves

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When selecting a family-friendly home, there are tons of factors to consider — not least of which may be the needs of the kids! This article will discuss what qualities parents should look for when buying a home for their family so that they can satisfy personal preferences without interrupting their childrens’ development. 

At McCall Homes, we build houses for all kinds of families from the ground up, tailoring every detail of the floorplan to meet their unique lifestyle and needs. There are many qualities that may make a home family-friendly, but we believe these are the most important ones.

Two toddlers have a pillow fight and laugh as feathers fly around them.

Family Room or Rec Room?

There’s no denying it: kids are loud. But that’s part of what makes them curious and lovable! To provide your children with the space to work as hard as they play, consider adding a room where kids can retreat away from the main living area of the home. Basement rec rooms have often served this purpose, giving kids a place to play video games, foosball, or watch movies.

But basements can be dark, and in typical older homes, ceilings can be uncomfortably low. If you’re considering building a new home, basements come with a higher price tag due to the sometimes unnecessary additional square footage, and the increased costs of excavation and concrete. Often, all a family needs is a family room. Many of our two-level floor plans offer the option to add a family room upstairs as a less expensive and more convenient solution to a fully finished basement. 

Having that separate space for the kids allows parents some reprieve from the second wind kids often get just before bed or while entertaining guests on the main level. A basement or family room can be a well worth-it investment for a growing family.

A Kitchen That Grows With You

Not every family operates this way anymore, but at one time in history, the kitchen was the heart of the home. It’s never too late to bring that lifestyle back, so why not revitalize it within your own family? 

Look for a kitchen with a variety of shelf and cabinet heights (that way the little ones can still help “reach” things) as well as areas for both casual snacking and more family dining. It’s important to have versatility in a room as integral as the kitchen; you’ll ideally be convening there as a family two to three times per day, so give yourself and your family options on how you can best enjoy one another’s company, whether it’s at a high-top breakfast nook or a fully dressed banquet table. Benches are great for fitting a lot of people around the table too! 

One thing many older kitchens don’t have is a storage pantry. Many families today shop in bulk, so having a pantry to store those large boxes of Goldfish, 24 packs of Mac n’ cheese, and 48 rolls of toilet paper is essential. Think about how you shop when you decide which kitchen will suit your needs best.

Take On The Tech

Today’s families are more connected than ever — in terms of digital connections. However, the constant presence of cell phones, tablets, e-readers, computers, video games, and more can sometimes create a divide between family members and prevent them from establishing a stronger face-to-face relationship. 

It’s more than okay to acknowledge the importance of technology in you and your family’s life, but it’s essential that you also have a place to store wires, cables, plugs, and devices when not in use. Once the machines are out of sight, you can channel all of your energy into charging one another’s social batteries.

Our new homes have a tech panel in the mechanical room, so all your modems, routers, and wi-fi bridges can be stored out of sight yet are easily accessible. New homes in our phase 2 of Annafeld are internet-ready, so all you have to do is call your preferred provider, and they can turn it on. Our 2020 Smart Home packages give you the option of more control of your home from anywhere. Video doorbells, garage door openers, keypad deadbolts, and wi-fi thermostats to name a few upgrades we offer to manage your home in a smarter way.

Have Space to Get Messy

From the early years to the ultimate stages of adolescence, kids rarely stop making messes. Families in general can tend to get a bit disorganized, given the plethora of possessions and hectic pace of multigenerational living. Whether it’s an art project or a pair of mud-caked boots, try to plan your family-friendly home to have the space to get down and dirty with whatever life may throw your way. Luxury vinyl floor tiles or planks are on trend for their durability and waterproof qualities!

Mudrooms are aptly named for this reason, but sometimes the small entryway can get cramped with the presence of appliances like washers and dryers. Most of our homes have a drop zone or designated mud room as a place for shoes, bags, and coats to be easily stored without cluttering up the main living spaces.

Whether your future home has all, a few, or none of these qualities doesn’t matter all that much. What matters is that you share a home where you all feel peaceful and safe enough to be the best family you can be. At McCall Homes, we build communities designed to do exactly that. Contact us today to learn more about our building process and creative floor plan designs!

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