5 things I love about my Preston Park townhome

By: Shane Lovering, New Home Specialist and Josephine Crossing neighbor

Sunset from “the beach” on the Yellowstone River by Josephine Crossing


My family and I have lived in Josephine Crossing for over eight years.  In September, we moved into our second home here in the neighborhood- a 3 story townhome in Preston Park.  Moving from our 2,800+ sq. ft single family home to 1,710 square feet has been a big change and challenge, but there are numerous benefits to the move.  Here are my top five:

Norm’s Island river trail

1.  Proximity to nature.  I head out my front door, take a quick right, and in 10 seconds I’m on the trail adjacent to Norm Schoenthal Island and the Yellowstone River.  Whether I am walking with my wife, running, riding my mountain bike, or taking our pooch, Tegan, out for a break, I’m enveloped in nature.  50’ tall cottonwood trees, the gentle flow of the river, geese gathered along the shore- I am experiencing one of the most beautiful and peaceful retreats in the city of Billings…all within walking distance.

2.  Two flights of stairs.  You may be thinking, “And you LOVE that?”  Well here’s my take on the circumstance:  Free workout!  Occasionally I lament at the fact that I forgot my keys or some other important object in my bedroom on the third floor, but other times,  I am bounding up the stairs thinking, “I’m feeling pretty good!”  Im 49 years old, and it kinda feels like the stairs are helping to keep me young.  And the view from that third story?  Spectacular.

Preston Park Courtyard

3.  Park Amenities.  Whether I’m practicing volleyball with my wife and daughter or playing basketball with my grandson, Preston Park offers the ultimate backyard.  Swings, a splash pad, a hill for sledding- they are all right there for me and my family and friends to enjoy.  I look forward to the warm weather when I can invite friends over for a Tuesday grill-out while enjoying one of our Summer Concert Series concerts in the Amphitheater.

4.  Central Plaza.  A covered pergola offers protection from the sun and weather for bbq grills smack dab in the middle of Preston Park.  The four grills are plumbed with natural gas, so I can say goodbye to ever having to worry about the propane tank running out halfway through a perfectly cooked steak.  This past Thanksgiving, I cooked a prime rib on the rotisserie at one grill, and pork ribs on another.  And come Spring, I plan to spend evenings around one of the gas fire pits with my family and friends.

5.  A trip to Seattle.   You may be wondering what moving into Preston Park has to do with Seattle, so here’s my reality:  I am one of the many baby boomers and Gen X’ers whom are engaging in the current trend of “downsizing”.  I have had it up to my eyeballs in collecting “stuff” that we no longer use nor need.  Same goes for useless space.  In regard to purchasing a home, the prevailing thought for a long time has been, “the bigger the better.” But the reality of living beyond our means and spending hours cleaning the house and caring for the yard have brought me to a place where I have taken up the cry, “Less is more!” Come Spring, I intend to partake in the mother-of-all garage sales and use the proceeds to take my wife on a relaxing trip to Seattle, or wherever our contented hearts decide to take us…

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