5 Tips For Choosing A New Home Floor Plan

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Building a new home is a process full of excitement and hopeful anticipation, but at the same time, it can also become very overwhelming. There are lots of decisions that need to be made in order to ensure you get the perfect home. Once you’ve made the initial decision to buy a new home you can move forward to the next step—choosing a floor plan. 

Selecting the right floor plan for your new home, while it may seem like a simple task, is a very important and time-consuming decision. Many factors from the size, shape, and even how the rooms are laid out, can affect how you respond to the home. Floor plans will help you develop ideas about what you want your home to look like — they act as a stepping stone to make your dreams a reality.

Tips For Choosing The Right Floor Plan For Your New Home

When you work with a professional homebuilder, they likely will have a variety of floor plans to choose from, which can make it difficult to choose which one is the best option for you and your family. At McCall Homes, we understand your new home in Billings, MT is a big investment, which is why we take the time to help our new home buyers find the perfect floor plan that fits their wants and needs. Even if looking at a floor plan is like reading a foreign language to you, by understanding your new home desires, we can get a better idea of which floor plan is best for you. We put together some tips that may be helpful in your decision making. 

Tip #1: Determine Your Own Wants And Needs 

Choosing a floor plan should start with the size of the home you desire the most. You should consider the ideal amount of bedrooms and bathrooms you want your new home to have, with enough square footage that allows you, your family, and guests to live comfortably. Think about whether you would prefer a two-story or ranch-style floor plan. Ideally, you want to choose a floor plan that improves your life and makes you more comfortable.

Tip #2: Consider Your Lifestyle

It can be easy to get carried away with creating a new home which looks great, but it’s important to remember that you will actually be living in the space you are designing. That’s why it is so important to choose a floor plan that fits the lifestyle of you and your family. Do you want your home to have a space for a home office or gym? Does your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Do you like to entertain and to host guests? Thinking about your current lifestyle and how it may change in the future can make it easier to choose the right floor plan.

Tip #3: Think About The Surroundings

When you are choosing a floor plan, always be sure to think about the surroundings. Your floor plan needs to be fit the lot you choose to have your new home built on. Typically, you can find similar styles by driving through the neighborhood or community you are interested in, and of course, the new home specialists you work with can show you examples that have already been built. Either way, the goal is to make great use of your lot, and the floorplan you choose can significantly influence the outcome. For example, If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer months, the team at McCall Homes can help you choose a lot that will accommodate your outdoor needs such as a larger dining patio, a screened-in porch, a hot tub pad, or fenced area for your dog.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget About Your Budget

With all the excitement that is associated with building a new home, it’s all too easy to forget about your budget. Setting a realistic budget may help you identify the trade-offs between upgraded features and additional space. In addition to the cost of your new home, be sure to incorporate the cost of utilities as well as the expenses related to purchasing furniture, decor, and other things for your new home. Remember that a much larger home also means higher utilities and more time to clean and maintain. A house is a basic design, but a home is everything you fill it with, so be sure that you have established a budget that will allow you to create the home you want.

Tip #5: Ask Your Home Builder For Advice

Once you have considered the following tips above, don’t be afraid to ask the home builder you are working with for their advice. Their wealth of knowledge and experience can help you find the perfect balance between practicalities and taste for your new home. They’ll understand everything from the suitability of your choices to highlighting the functionality of certain floor plans. Your home builder should work closely with you to assess your needs and provide support to find the right floor plan for you at a price point that you feel comfortable with.

Let McCall Homes Help You Choose The Perfect New Home

If you are looking for a new home in Billings, Montana, working with the sales and design team at McCall Homes makes finding the perfect home easier than ever. Our team members will help you choose a floor plan and lot that best fits your wants and needs. You can even visit our design showroom to get a better idea of everything we have to offer for your new home. We currently have new homes in Billings, MT available in our newest residential community, Annafeld. To schedule a model home visit or preview appointment for your new home, contact the team at McCall Homes today!

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