Are you and your home MFEO?


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This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love Again

Just because we’re homebuilders doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about relationships. In fact, after building homes for close to 400 homeowners, we’ve learned a thing or two about the relationships people have with their homes. Most people that come to us have a LOVE/HATE relationship. They love this, they hate that. Well, we want you to have a LOVE/LOVE relationship with your home.

Take this quiz to find out if you and your home are MFEO (Made For Each Other – for those of you over the age of 22):

  1. Does your current home demand more than 3 hours of your attention per week?
  2. Do you spend more than 1 weekend a month and/or 1 night a week repairing or remodeling your home?
  3. Do you know which of the checkout people are fastest at Lowe’s and Home Depot?
  4. Does your home often ask you to make multiple trips to both stores… the same day?
  5. Do you spend more than $100 on home maintenance each month?
  6. Did your home give you any or all of the following gifts this year: Leaky pipes for your birthday, a non-functioning furnace for Christmas, a cold water shower for Valentine’s Day, INSANE utility bills on your monthly anniversaries?
  7. Is your home’s curb appeal akin to your Aunt Marge without makeup?
  8. Are you sick of its outdated flooring, 80’s style cabinets, mis-matched appliances, tiny closets, and stinky, stained carpet?
  9. Is your home unhealthy for you? Do its walls carry lead-based paint? Is there radon gas in the basement or crawl space? Is there mold or potential for mold due to lack of ventilation and air circulation?

If you answered YES to 3 or more of the questions above, you may be ready for a new relationship. Let’s face it, you’re taking more care of your house than it is taking care of you; no matter how much time and money you spend on it, you just end up tired and broke.

If it’s time to break up with your old house, we’re here to match you up with a shiny new one!

Imagine being able to ski or play golf or invite friends over for dinner and cards on your weekends. Imagine spending the $2,000 you just used to replace your 20-year-old water heater on this summer’s vacation?

A new home demands very little attention, time, or money to maintain a positive, healthy relationship. It won’t get jealous of other homes because it has all the latest features in design and efficiency.  It wraps you in comfortable indoor temperatures year-round and then as a bonus, it delivers mind-blowing savings on your utility bills every month!

It’s also very smart. You can teach it to adjust the temperature of your home based on when you’re around or not, awake or asleep, or on vacation. You can also train it to water your yard for maximum water-savings. It’s new technology allows you to tell it what you want from an app like turn off the lights, close the garage door, and see who’s at your front door, then make sure it’s locked.

Not to mention, this new house is smokin’ hot! Fresh new low-VOC paint in today’s designer colors and those crystal clear dual-paned windows sparkle just so. Mmmmmm mmmmm. You can’t hardly take your eyes off it, it’s so pretty.

You’ll be happier, healthier, and wealthier with a new home, so call us if you’re ready to break up with that old money pit and move on to a fresh new love! Shane and Taylor are glad to help you find your perfect match – a home you will love to live in!

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