What do you get when you combine Beer, Brats, and Backyards?

First-Time Homebuyers

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Touring open houses can be awkward. Here’s how it goes:

Google map the address,
get in your car,
get there,
get out of your car,
hope someone else is there looking too,
cautiously open the front door,
hope someone else is there looking too,
walk through a stranger’s house with all their stuff (weird),
tell the realtor you’re just looking,
and then on to the next one.

Sound about right?

What if I told you there’s a better way to see REALLY COOL, REALLY AFFORDABLE homes right here in town AND in person? We’re opening up 7 front doors of our brand new homes in Annafeld one day this month and YOU’RE INVITED!!!


This is our FREE version of the Parade of Homes for REAL PEEPS who can’t afford half million dollar homes. 

We’re calling it BLOCKTOBERFEST!!!!!

Why? Because what better way to tour homes is there than with your friends and a keg cup full of frothy local beer in your hand?  

AND……..what if I said the BEER is FREE? AND what if I said it’s from our friends down at Uberbrew?????

Would that interest you? Did you just say YES, YES, and then HELL YES?!?

Erin and Ryan with Taylor – First Time Homebuyers celebrating at the Annafeld Block Party this summer.

For one day only, October 21 join us for the FIRST EVER Blocktoberfest Tour of Homes!

Now, if you’ve got little ones, you know that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. Bring ‘em down in their costumes (since they’ll use any excuse to wear them) and take them trick-or-treating at each home! 

And don’t worry. For the kiddos and you non-beer consuming grown ups, we’ll have waters, sodas, and juice boxes. We’ve got you covered if you’re thirsty. 

So how does this Tour of Homes work exactly? 


Start at the model home 1847 Walter Creek Blvd. The house is near the end of the road. Here you can load up with your favorite thirst-quencher and get a tour map. You’ll want each adult in your group to have their own map. Details on this below.


Take a walk up Walter Creek Blvd and stop at each home on the tour. Some of these homes will have McCall Hosts handing out candy for little tour-or-treaters and answering your questions. Some will be self-guided. At each house, collect a colored sticker for your map! I’ll tell you why later.


Head back to the model home with your sticker-filled map. Exchange your map showing you toured all the homes and we’ll give you TWO things!!!!

  1. Entry into our door prize drawing for freebies from Uberbrew, Octoberfest Restaurant, and McCall Homes and then some…….
  2. $5 off a German-inspired meal from the Octoberfest food truck parked right outside! 

Basically, complete the entire tour of homes and you get something no matter what! 

Candy, beer, and everyone eats for half off! Those alone are worth the trip. 

But I also think you’ll be shocked when you see these homes are actually within target range of your beer budget even if you have champagne taste. 

Are you stalling on buying your first home because it seems impossible or scary? Check this out…… You’ll see homes on our tour that start under $200,000! That’s around $1,000/month mortgage payment! Are you already paying that……OR MORE in rent? Then why not actually own your home?

What have you seen on zillow.com lately that you’d ACTUALLY WANT to live in for under $200,000? Can you say nasty carpet? Baseboard heat? Cracked windows that are painted shut? Ugly wallpaper? Lots to fix? Who has the EXTRA time and EXTRA money for that? Not you. You’re probably working full-time and maybe even juggling other responsibilities like pets or kids. You don’t have the time, the money or the know-how to fix up what’s for sale in your price range. And, let’s face it, we’re not in Waco, Texas where houses are dirt cheap and Chip and Joanna Gaines are dying to fix your house up.

Kaitlyn and Haylee – best friends who now own their first homes across the street from each other in Annafeld.

When you buy a home, you want to be EXCITED to move in! $200,000 is A LOT of money! You want something you can feel proud of! You want somewhere that’s safe, Where you won’t walk out your front door on Sunday morning just to find a stranger passed out on your steps from last night’s rager across the street. You want a place that doesn’t reek of cat piss or stale cigarettes. You want something that your friends will envy, right?

So rather than touring homes from your couch this weekend, make yourself the house hunter and pretend YOU’RE the one choosing your next home. Bring your friends or Mom and Dad and make an afternoon out of it. This is a tour of homes that will leave you feeling like it might actually be in the cards to buy a cool, new, shiny home you can show off on Instagram!

AND…….here’s the best part…….if you like one of the homes you see on the tour, and you decide by the end of the month that this is YOUR CHANCE to finally own your home, we’ll help get you over the money hurdle by paying up to $3,000 in closing costs! That’s $3k that you can use on new furniture or to put toward your down payment!

So rather than drooling over homes you can’t afford on Zillow this Sunday, why not actually tour homes you CAN AFFORD? Bring your friends to BLOCKTOBERFEST, Sunday, October 21 from Noon-5. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up being neighbors too! How cool would that be?


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