Buying a home doesn’t have to be SSSSS-C-AAAA-R-Y!

First-Time Homebuyers

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If you’ve been living in someone else’s home your whole life, is the thought of buying your own a little freaky? I mean, renting is just easy isn’t it? You hand over your check and your landlord takes care of the rest. Right?

Or does s(he)? 

Are you often waiting for someone to fix the clogged toilet? Or the door that just won’t shut right? Or the thermostat that thinks HEAT is COOL and COOL is HEAT? 

What if you could take charge of your life AND your home finally?

It might be scary, but ultimately, you’ll be glad you did.

Do you remember being a kid and getting spooked by the neighbor hiding in the bushes wearing a Freddy Krueger mask? He jumped out at you as you walked by and you almost wet your pants you were so scared? 

Now do you look back on that and laugh? Did you think it was the most awesome Halloween prank ever?

You were scared. Your heart raced for a few minutes. But then you calmed down and kept trick-or-treating. You got over it and now remember it as one of the best Halloween’s ever! 

So maybe it’s a stretch to compare trick-or-treating to buying a house…… but being scared shouldn’t keep you from doing things that are fun (or SMART).

Being scared is just a feeling. Being scared means something new and different is happening. Being scared means you’re alive! You’re taking a risk and hoping it’s going to pay off.

Consider the opposite of being scared. 

Being bored.
Being stuck.
Being the same. 

Do you really want to live like that? Do you want to rent someone else’s house your whole life if you have another option? 

Some of the things that may scare you are myths you may have heard from friends or family.

Any of these sound familiar? If so, consider the facts instead. Most homebuyers put less than 10% down on their first home. Some mortgage payments are actually LESS than you’re paying in rent. AND the payment never changes for the life of the loan (in most cases….30 years). AND you can live there as long as you’d like.

If you’re still scared of buying your first home, that’s ok. That’s what we’re here for. You don’t have to figure it all out alone. We’ve got resources we can direct you to based on your personal situation. We can help you find answers to some of your questions. We’re kind of like home buying counselors.

And now, through October 31, we’ve got a great deal for you if you’re even considering buying your very first home!

When you sign an agreement to purchase a new McCall home, we’ll pay up to $3,000 in your closing costs. You can use that money for your down payment, new furniture, or Christmas shopping. How’s that for a not-so-scary deal?

As I write this, that means this deal is only good for another few days. Call us for an appointment (406) 719-1330 to see what homes might work for you or stop in our model home in Annafeld 7 days a week.

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