Be brave. Be bold. Be the first to live here. Don’t worry, your friends will follow.

A bird's eye view of the proposed central plaza where retail/office spaces and loft apartments will be available for rent/lease.
A bird’s eye view of the proposed central plaza where retail/office spaces and loft apartments will be available for rent/lease. (Plan is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change)

One with charm and amenities within walking distance? Are you wanting to live in a home that is not only comfortable in extreme temperatures but is built smart enough to save you money every month? If so, meet Annafeld. The freshest neighborhood in Billings.

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Honoring the many pioneering men and women of the prominent Walter family who farmed her land for over a century was of utmost importance to the McCall Homes team. Her namesake derives from the first name, Anna, given at birth to many of the Walter family daughters as their “Christian” name. “Feld” translates from the German word for “field”  respecting the tradition of planting seeds, growing roots, and reaping the harvest from the fields. Annafeld is literally short for “Anna’s Field”.  The Walter family lived on and worked this piece of land in addition to contributing to the development of the Billings community. Like many farm families, the neighbors of Annafeld will put down family roots, nurture their children, pay gratitude to the natural beauty of their surroundings, and become part of their community fabric weaving together honored traditions with newly-made memories.

Nestled between the Yellowstone River and the newly renovated Elysian K-8 School, Annafeld is roughly twice the geographical size of its sister neighborhood, Josephine Crossing. While Josephine Crossing is known for its pocket parks and access to walking and biking trails, Annafeld will boast those and more with the addition of: community amenities, natural outdoor spaces, resident-supported businesses, and a broader variety of home types setting this neighborhood apart from any other in Billings. Accessibility to Elysian School via walking/biking paths will be a desirable feature for many school-age families and for community members who want to take advantage of the school’s many Adult Education programs.

A proposed illustration of Catherina Court cottages.

Annafeld, a master-planned community, is intentionally designed to connect people with each other, with nature, and with the resident-supported businesses. Lot types and sizes, home plans and options, park spaces, retail/business opportunities, and amenities have all been carefully considered by an experienced team of architects, planners, and developers even before the first curb goes in place. Single family homes, townhomes, cottages, multi-generational, and multi-family homes will all be available in the first phase. Homes with traditional backyards and set-back garages are just a few of McCall Homes’ new plan offerings in Annafeld.

And you don’t have to be a homebuyer to be part of the Annafeld community. We’ll have a variety of homes available for rent too! You can live in a safe, beautiful, fun neighborhood even if you’re not yet ready to own your home.

Whether you’re leaving the nest, growing your nest, or simplifying your nest, Annafeld has opportunities for homes and a lifestyle that will fit your desires and budget. You’ll be the pioneers of building new traditions from block parties to book clubs and community gardens to holiday gatherings. The neighbors of Annafeld will truly be an extension of the heart of this “Home Place” as it was so lovingly referred to by the farming family who planted its first seeds over a century ago. Visit Annafeld’s website.