Catherina Court Cottages

Just for a minute, close your eyes and imagine the warmth of the summer sun on your face. Picture yourself strolling along the edge of the landscaped courtyard in front of your charming cottage. You take in the picket fences, the colorful plants, and the sound of birds singing in the trees. You smile at your friend and neighbor who is watering the vegetables in the community garden. You wave at your other neighbor who is walking her dog to the Walter Creek trail.

With a book in one hand and a wine bottle to share in the other, you meander to the Catherina Court community house to meet your friends for this month’s book club. It’s pleasant enough to sit outside on the shaded patio, you think, but you can always retreat inside for the comforts of AC if it’s too hot.

You have gathered here many times before—last fall when you had family in town for your daughter’s wedding, you held a small breakfast reception for everyone the day after, book club of course, and then there is dinner club where you take turns making meals for neighbor friends. Your husband meets the guys there once a week to play cards and depending on the season, to watch football or baseball games.

And it’s just steps away from your home that costs you so little to live in compared to that big house you raised the kids in. When you retreat to warmer climates in the winter months, you can just lock up and go! No worries, no hassles. The HOA takes care of the yard and the snow shoveling.

Speaking of……it’s time to wake up from this summer daydream! But it doesn’t have to be a dream. We’ll be planting the roots of these homes in late spring and their first homeowners can reap the harvest this Fall and move in!

Introducing the Gem Collection

The Jade
2 bedrooms, 1 bath

The Emerald
2 bedrooms, 2 baths

The Sapphire
3 bedrooms, 2 baths

The Topaz
2 bedrooms, 1.5 and 2.5

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