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Single Family Homes in Billings, Montana


Here at McCall Homes, we understand the comfort, security and happiness of your family is first priority. Our vision has always been to offer affordable, energy efficient, high performance homes in the most family friendly community available. When you decide to build a new single family home in our Billings, Montana communities, you can rest assured your family will not just be living in a beautiful home, they will also become part of a thriving, close-knit community.

Choosing a single family house in Billings, Montana may seem like an enormous undertaking, especially when considering all the existing homes currently on the market. Wouldn’t it be a wiser choice to build a new single family house in a neighborhood that is a true family centered community?

When it comes to building your new single family home, you need to have a variety of well thought out choices and quality features. After all, this is the place where you and your family will celebrate birthdays, holidays, quiet evenings of conversation and a lifetime of memories. Your single family home is the setting for the background of your life—and your life is unique.

Our portfolio of single family floor plans features over a dozen plans with over 150 variations so that you can select the home you like with the variation that suits your needs best. But the ability to turn your house into a home doesn’t simply end with our floor plans. The magic really manifests in our Design Showroom.

When you visit the McCall Homes Design Showroom you’ll quickly see the endless possibilities available to truly turn your single family home into your personal paradise! Yes, you can you truly can afford to live in Billings, MT in a single family home that’s certain to exceed your expectations!

Pricing on single family plans starts in the low $200s and includes a standard lot and all these high performance features.

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