Five Homeowner Benefits of An Energy Efficient Home


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As homeowners become more and more interested in sustainability and environmentally-friendly lifestyles, energy-efficient homes have increased in popularity. In fact, according to a recent Consumer Housing Trends Report conducted by Zillow revealed that close to one in two homebuyers listed energy efficiency as a desired characteristic of their potential new home. 

Five Homeowner Benefits of An Energy Efficient Home

At McCall Homes, we know that today’s homebuyers are longer just looking for beautiful, well-built, and comfortable homes, but also homes that are energy efficient. As Montana’s leading community living builder, we strive to build new homes that have the desired characteristics many of today’s homeowners are looking for. That is why, in addition to high quality craftsmanship, the new homes in our Annafeld living community are built with Owens Corning ComfortBuilt technology. Our ComfortBuilt homes offer a variety of benefits, which we explore below. 

Benefit #1: Lower Utility Bills

A ComfortBuilt home will cost less to operate than the vast majority of existing homes. Our new homes use exceptional materials that will help you save money on your monthly utility bills. The insulation and other materials we use when building new homes create a physical barrier between the home and the outside environment. In turn, this helps you save on cooling costs during the summer and heating costs during the winter season. 

Benefit #2: More Comfortable

Home comfort is defined by a combination of temperature, humidity, air movement, and other factors. While every homeowner’s idea of comfort is different, our ComfortBuilt homes are constructed using the latest building science to ensure that each and every home we build offers the comfort you desire in your home. 

Benefit #3: Great ROI

While new, energy-efficient homes typically cost more than those that don’t make the necessary strides to improve sustainability, our ComfortBuilt homes offer a great return on investment. This means that the higher cost to build an ‘above code home (like the McCall ComfortBuilt homes,) typically has an associated mortgage cost and a utility bill reduction. The energy savings generated by building an energy efficient home are almost always more than the monthly mortgage cost associated with improvements. 

Benefit #4: Increased Property Value

While it would be hard to move out of one of our ComfortBuilt homes, certain situations present themselves where you may have to sell your new home. By buying an energy-efficient home, it is likely that your home will be more attractive to potential buyers, which will allow you to achieve a higher price when you sell. As mentioned, energy-efficiency is one of the most common characteristics homebuyers are looking for, so presenting buyers with an energy efficient home is a great way of boosting your property value. 

Benefit #5: Improved Durability 

New homes in Billings, Montana with ComfortBuilt science ensures that homebuyers are ensuring that investing in future code standards will provide a beneficial return well into the future. When it comes to durability, ComfortBuilt homes will:

  • Protects the value of your home
  • Protects against air infiltration
  • Protects against moisture intrusion
  • And so much more

Experience The McCall ComfortBuilt® Home Difference

Every new home in our Annafeld community is built with building science and outstanding products and materials that will enable it to outperform and outlast homes that do not. Our new homes in Billings, Montana are setting a higher standard of living, enabling homebuyers to the benefits discussed above. If you are interested in learning more about the ComfortBuilt building science and materials we use in our new homes in our Annafeld living community, click here. If Annafeld seems like a community you would like to live in, contact our home specialists to learn about the lots and floor plans available. 

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