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By: Shane Lovering

I recently traveled to the Bay area in California and had the “pleasure” of driving through the various cities in that region. Experiences like that often remind me of how richly blessed we are here in Billings, and all of Montana for that matter, in that we are relatively free from the congestion and frustration of traffic jams, rush hour and long, slow moving commutes.

We all know that location is king when it comes to buying a home. One of the great benefits of livingin Annafeld, Billings’ freshest neighborhood, is the close proximity to the many things that this wonderful city has to offer: restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and quite possibly, your workplace. If you do work downtown or on the West end of Billings, you may find that Annafeld’s location offers a pleasantly short daily commute.

Having lived in Josephine Crossing (located a 1/2 mile East of Annafeld) for over a decade, I have enjoyed the convenience of brief travel times to many of our city’s amenities, while enjoying a great sense of living in “the country”. Neither Josephine Crossing nor Annafeld are “pass-through” neighborhoods, where people are driving through to get to somewhere else. They are both basically the end of the line. If you continue south through either neighborhood, you will eventually end up in either existing farmland or the Yellowstone River. So while close to the busy-ness of the city, both are quietly located off the beaten path.

I wanted to offer evidence of how convenient Annafeld’s location really is, so I hopped into our brightly decorated “Annafeld” car, and with my phone’s stopwatch, I set out to discover just how much time it takes to get to or from some of the places that people often frequent…

The times listed below are based on my own personal one-time trip either to or from the listed destination. This is my simple attempt at gathering info, so of course, these times may vary for you depending on your speed, time of day, route and other factors. But, as you can see, one can get from Annafeld to a lot of places in this city in a short period of time. My initial starting point for my journey was Annafeld’s current Model Home, located at 1847 Walter Creek Blvd.

Here are the times that I logged:

  • Shiloh Crossing (including Scheels, AMC Theaters, Bullman’s Pizza, Orange Theory Fitness, Kohl’s, My Pie, Rio Sabinos, Neece’s)—8 minutes, 24 seconds
  • Billings Clinic—11 minutes, 43 seconds
  • St. Vincents Hospital—12 minutes 24 seconds
  • Logan International Airport—17 minutes, 41 seconds
  • Holiday Gas Station (20th Street West)—5 minutes, 12 seconds
  • Costco, as well as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Shopko, Qdoba—7 minutes, 38 Seconds

Not bad times at all! But the favorite trip that I clocked was when I took a casual stroll from the Model Home to the Yellowstone River. It was a pleasant 3 minutes and 46 seconds, which of course can be stretched out much longer if you ask me!

So if you work and live much of your life around the West End, Downtown, or even Laurel, living in Annafeld may offer you the peace of quiet, country living, yet the convenience of close proximity to places of value for you.

Want to see for yourself? Set your stopwatch and come visit us. We are located just 3 minutes and 27 seconds from the Exit 446 of Interstate 90, next door to Elysian School.

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