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High Performance Homes in Billings, MT - McCall HomesAre you one of those savvy homebuyers who considers absolutely every aspect of what needs to be included in your new home? In addition to the amount of bedrooms, the color of your kitchen countertops and the type of flooring that absolutely must be included in your future house, do you find yourself researching the high performance aspect of your home’s overall construction?

High performance homes in Billings, Montana are available, but not very easy to find—unless of course you choose to build with McCall Homes!

Whether you prefer the terms “green”, “sustainable” or “energy efficient”, they all mean basically the same thing; high performance.

A well-constructed high performance home consists of a wide range of considerations, materials and of course proper planning. In order to create the most affordable high performance homes in Billings, Montana, McCall Homes brings together expert architects, contractors and building experts to ensure our new homes are as energy efficient as possible.

We utilize dual-paned, composite, UV-filtering windows, bat and foam insulation, thankless hot water heaters, and energy-saving heating and air conditioning units, all designed to save you money on your utility bills throughout the life of your home. But there’s so much more to building a high-performance home.

We build all our wall frames in our one-of-a-kind wall panel plant located adjacent to the Design Showroom. This climate-controlled and protected environment reduces the frames exposure to the outdoor elements. Framing a home can now take days instead of weeks for traditional stick-built homes. The faster the frame and roof trusses are set, the sooner the home gets its protective seal.

Even the proper placement of your new home is considered before the first shovel is plunged into the ground! Yes—based on how the foundation of your new home sits can help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The majority of homebuyers don’t put as much thought into the various aspects of what goes into a high-performance home, instead being more concerned about square footage, design details and floor plans. That’s OK! When you choose to build with McCall Homes we take into consideration all the “behind the scenes” details to ensure your family will live in year-round comfort without spending a ton on what other builders consider “extras”.

To learn more about how McCall Homes builds amazing, beautiful high performance homes in our Billings, Montana communities please give us a call at 406.651.5354.

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