The Home Stretch: 5 benefits of building last in an established neighborhood…


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By: Shane Lovering

Having personally lived in this wonderful neighborhood called Josephine Crossing for over nine years, it is amazing to think that we are not far from building our very last home here!  Completion of the neighborhood is coming into focus.  Currently, we have 10 town homes and 6 spec homes left to sell, and 14 buildable lots available.  Wow- we will soon realize the completion of a community with 498 homes that have been built over nearly a dozen years!

While many of us were thrilled to be part of the exciting adventure of living in a brand new neighborhood, there are some definite advantages to moving in at the tail end of an established community.  Here are my top 5:

  1. Not having to listen to the *beep*beep*beep* of heavy equipment.   Except for the occasional back-up beep of garbage trucks on Tuesdays, the many noises of large trucks, earth movers and back hoes will soon become a foggy memory. We can also look forward to saying goodbye to the sound of an early morning saw and the never ending thump of a nail gun!   Hello to chirping birds and laughing children.
  2. Mature trees and parks.  While there are still young plants, shrubs and trees being planted, many of our first streetscapes have existed here for nearly a dozen years, so there are spaces to enjoy that have matured landscapes.
  3. Much less daytime, workweek traffic.  It takes many trade partners and their employees to build a single home here in Josephine Crossing:  painters, siders, roofers, trim carpenters, framers, cabinetry installers, landscapers gutter installers, concrete workers, delivery trucks drivers, flooring installers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC workers.  Imagine the difference in traffic when there are no longer any homes under construction!
  4. No more unsightly porta-potties!  While they are essential in bringing relief to the many trade partners and their employees charged with building new homes here in the neighborhood, the exodus of these many workers will signal the departure of these bright blue traveling outhouses.  While they may make an occasional appearance for a summer concert or neighborhood event, they will only be a temporary fixture on our amazing landscape.  And those ginormous garbage dumpsters?  They too will soon go the way of the dodo bird…
  5. Say goodbye to all that yucky mud!  This year, more than most, neighbors have had to deal with far too much of the mucky stuff.  But there is an end in sight!  The landscapers have been working hard to get yards in, and by summer’s end, it won’t be too long until the only mud you see may be along the banks of the Yellowstone River!

So if you are one to see the advantages of buying new in a soon-to-be-completed neighborhood , you may want to act quickly.  Because the day is coming when the last set of keys is given to the last neighbor moving in to their brand new home here in Josephine Crossing.  Could it be you?!?

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