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With warm weather more prevalent as the days pass, now is a good time to schedule a few hours to take care of those small little things that, when done regularly, will keep your home looking and functioning as it should, year after year.  Here’s a short list of a few tasks you might want to consider now to keep your home in tip-top shape, inside and out. Download the Summer Checklist here.


Interior Download the checklist

___ Adjust floor & ceiling registers and ensure that cold air returns are free of furniture

___ Adjust thermostat schedule for warmer weather

___ Replace furnace/AC filter

___ Switch ceiling fans to blow straight down (blades turning counter- clockwise)

___ Inspect and touch-up interior caulking and paint

___ Replace“dead”light bulbs as necessary

___ Pour a quart of water down the basement drain

___ Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

___ Turn off pilot light to fireplace

___ Lubricate squeaky door hinges

___ Thoroughly clean showers and bathtubs

___ Vacuum refrigerator coils (unplug first!)

___ Clean window blinds, drapes

___ Clean/Declutter garage


___ Inspect air conditioner to ensure it is operating properly

___ Clean & prep bbq grill for the season; fill propane tank(s)

___ Clear gutters and downspouts of debris; confirm that downspouts and properly connected and draining away from home

___ Activate sprinkler system water and adjust controller; test and adjust system and check for leaks

___ Seed and fertilize lawn

___ Plant annuals and perennials in pots and beds

___ Prune existing perennials and shrubs of dead leaves and branches

___ Remove leaves and weeds from landscape beds

___ Service lawn mower and weed eater; purchase fresh gasoline/oil

___ Check and touch-up exterior caulking and paint

___ Inspect overhead garage door; tighten bolts as needed; lubricate springs

___ Wash windows and screens; clean window weep holes; lubricate tracks

___ Replace “dead” light bulbs on exterior lights

___ Clean and prep bbq grill; fill propane tank(s)

___ Clean and set out patio furniture

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