How Moms Can Manage Working From Home With Kids

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With stay-at-home orders affecting almost every family around the country, many parents — especially mothers — have had to face the difficulties that arise with trying to juggle their job, their children, and other daily responsibilities. It’s likely that a lot of moms are dealing with unexpected stress as a result of these quarantine protocols, but there are best practices for managing related struggles as they arise. 

In this article, we discuss the ways that mothers and parents in general can balance their daily routines to support their livelihood just as much as they support their little ones. For more information on family-friendly homes and lifestyle habits, please contact McCall Homes today.

Stick to a Schedule

Whether you’re a mom with one kid or several children, it’s important to plan your days around your responsibilities as a parent as well as professional. Take some free time to draft out a loose schedule that designates distinct periods of the day for specific tasks, whether it’s a phone conference at 9:30 A.M. or a load of laundry at 3:00 P.M. In addition to a written schedule, it can be helpful to establish a set routine. 

Strive to start your days with a set order of tasks to make sure your kiddos are taken care of before you get into a steady work flow. If you’re married, communicate and negotiate the distribution of tasks with your spouse to make sure neither of you are working (and parenting!) yourselves to the bone. If you’re a single mom working from home and you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out to neighbors, close family members, and trusted friends. Ask them to help out with errands, deliveries, or other duties so you can maximize your hours at work while maintaining a close eye on the little ones.

Get Some Shut-Eye

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Sleep is one of the most important components of stress management, memory performance, and overall energy and focus levels. While these uncertain times are enough to make anyone a bit of an insomniac, don’t forget to prioritize your own needs by getting enough sleep. You may even want to try going to bed earlier than normal and try out the “morning person” method. Waking up before your kids can give you several hours of uninterrupted time to knock out work and set a productive pace before parenting mode kicks in.

Keep The Kids Occupied

Just like adults, kids need a certain amount of stimulation and challenge to remain engaged, to balance energy levels, and to support appropriate developmental growth. Try telling your young ones that since you’re working from home, they’re allowed to “help” you with your job by keeping themselves busy with activities, chores, and other pastimes. If your work hours are flexible, try to schedule bonding activities in the morning like visiting the park, going to the grocery store, or playing outside. This way, the children have received enough attention and feel tired enough to settle into naptime just as you’re preparing to settle into your afternoon work tasks. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and with a full-time career stacked on top of child-rearing, parents can often find it difficult to take time for themselves. But in order to maintain a relative degree of sanity and consistency while working from home, you can’t eliminate personal enjoyment and self-forgiveness. 

Cut yourself slack and take breaks as often as possible. Maybe you aren’t always on track with your schedule, or occasionally you forget to fix your child’s PB&J the “right” way, but no matter how flustered you may feel, it’s crucial to remember that you’re allowed to make mistakes and to take time for yourself. After all, you’re a fantastic mom! 

Integrate Work and Family Under One Roof

Not every home is ideally suited for both a family and a full-time job, but there are plenty of properties that can support these dual areas of life. McCall Homes specializes in the construction of family-friendly homes in Billings. While moving houses may not be at the forefront of your mind, it’s a shift quite worthy of consideration given the affordability of the current real estate market. If your current home isn’t adequately accommodating your priorities with both kids and career, explore our diverse and customizable selection of floor plans to find a house that suits your needs as much as it suits your entire family. Contact us today to take a tour of the freshest community in Billings, Montana—Annafeld!

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