Smart Investment

Take the guesswork out of your next investment property.

Avoid the risk

Investment properties can be tricky

Why is the homeowner really selling? Is the neighborhood safe?

Undesirable Location
A rental home that is located in a less than desirable market may have trouble attracting good tenants. This equals a loss of income due to missed rent, property damage, etc.

Long Vacancy Periods
Extended periods of your rental sitting empty is one of the most costly issues that come up with a rental property. This loss of income is a serious risk for any landlord.

Unexpected Maintenance
Large maintenance costs on a rental property are inevitable. Even the smaller costs can add up quickly and can drain your profits.

The Gamble of a Fixer-Upper
A fixer-upper investment property can easily turn into a money pit. It doesn’t take much before you find you’ve invested way more time, work, and money than you had expected. In the end, you’ve spent more than you would have on a turn-key house.


Reliable. Steady. Low-Stress

Before you invest your money, you need to know that you can trust it will provide a steady income stream for years to come.

A McCall home is the great long-term, affordable and low-stress investment opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Why? Because the Annafeld neighborhood is where young families want to live.

Low Risk
• Quality Craftsmanship
• Energy Efficient
• 10-year Warranty

Neighborhood Attracts Established Families
McCall Homes and the Annafeld neighborhood attracts quality and long-term renters who are the ideal tenant for your home.

Billings, MT is Growing

The city’s affordability, outdoor lifestyle, and appeal to remote workers put Montana on the place-to-move map.

The Wall Street Journal and have ranked Billings No. 1 in the nation on its Emerging Housing Markets Index.

Billings’ hot housing market first caught national attention when the Wall Street Journal ranked it as the county’s hottest emerging housing market, just ahead of Spokane, Washington, and just behind Springfield, Ohio.

We’ve been building durable & efficient homes for decades.

Choosing McCall Homes means you choose cutting edge technology in energy-efficient methods which will:

  • Protect your home value
  • Protect against air infiltration
  • Protect against moisture and damage
  • Lowers your monthly energy costs
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