Making The Most Of Smaller Backyards


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When you think back to some of your fondest memories as a child, many of them probably took place in a backyard. Backyards are the perfect spot for cookouts, hosting gatherings with friends and family, and they are a great area for children to play in. So it’s no surprise that a backyard is on your list of ‘must-haves’ when you are looking for new homes for sale in Billings, Montana. 

At McCall Homes, in Annafeld, our newest new home community in Billings, MT, you’ll find a wide range of beautiful and modern single-family homes for sale. Many of our available lots include a driveway, front yard, and a usable yard space in the back. At first glance, you may think that our yards are smaller than the ones you see in other residential areas. However, while some of our lots may be smaller by square footage, the actual usable yard space is comparable if not better.

Size Doesn’t Matter! Here’s Some Ideas On How To Make The Most Out Of A Smaller Backyard

When you look at the homes for sale in Annafeld, you’ll find that our lots come standard with a yard that is 45 wide x 100 deep; some lots are designed to accommodate larger backyards at 120 feet deep. Our home plans are designed to take advantage of deeper yards with the option for a detached garage in the back to create a private yard setting. 

Even with a smaller backyard, though, there are still endless opportunities to transform it into your own outdoor oasis. In this blog, we share ways to make the most of your smaller backyard space. 


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The backyards on most of our lots are the perfect area to relax and unwind on a warm summer’s day. By adding outdoor furniture that is functional and comfortable to your backyard, you can create a comfy spot to hang out and host visiting guests. To ensure your space isn’t cramped and to make your smaller yard feel bigger, try keeping your furniture small-scale and unobtrusive. Add a sun umbrella, canopy, or pergola above any seating area to instantly create an outdoor oasis. Adding a small outdoor fireplace can create a great focal point for your backyard and add a cozy feel to the space.


The best thing about a smaller backyard is that it is inherently cozy. In your backyard, maximize elements of comfort and create cozy nooks for you and your guests to enjoy and relax in. Think of your backyard as an extended room on your house. Too large and there is a disproportionate amount of empty space without purpose. When you create an outdoor “room”, you create a welcoming space that invites people to enjoy a specific purpose i.e. nap here, converse there, cook here, eat there, etc. 


It doesn’t take a lot to make your backyard space feel magical, whether large or small. Lighting plays a major role in how a space feels. Adding both task and ambient lighting can create the mood you want and can provide you with the amount of light you need for your backyard. You can also keep things simple and create a romantic or relaxed setting by hanging string lights.


You’d be surprised at how much adding a little greenery can transform your backyard. Take advantage of the space that isn’t being used in your backyard to incorporate greenery and other natural elements. It won’t take up much space, but it makes a big difference. Additionally, while our lots are designed with a detached garage in the back to create a private yard setting, adding natural elements can help add some privacy to your space while giving you something lush to look at as you relax. 


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By strategically laying furniture with different functions throughout your backyard, you create a simple outdoor living space. This can make even smaller yards feel significantly bigger. For instance, on one side of the usable yard space you could have a table and two chairs that are used for enjoying meals, while on the other you can have maybe some more comfortable seating options that are used for relaxing and entertaining guests. Breaking your backyard up this way helps create a flow of socialization, which allows the backyard to accommodate multiple activities.

These are just a few of the many ways you can make the most out of a smaller backyard, and with the actual usable yard space you get with our homes in Annafeld, the opportunities are endless. 

More About The Yards In Annafeld

At McCall Homes, our home plans are designed to maximize yard space and privacy, despite the smaller lot sizes. As mentioned, our standard yards are about 45 x 100, with the option for a detached garage in the back to create a private yard setting. If you have always dreamed of a bigger backyard, don’t worry! We have premium lots available with backyards that are larger than the standard lots. Additionally, we have lots with homes that have smaller footprints, designed for our more cost-conscious homebuyers. And we have plans that come with an attached garage and a side-yard — this helps create an active/passive side. With an active side, your home will have larger windows and a private yard off the side (usually south-facing). The passive side, on the other hand, has very few windows to help create a sense of privacy between homes while still letting in light.

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We know how confusing all this talk about lot and yard size can be. The best way to experience the benefits of our lot sizes is to see them in person! We encourage you to schedule a tour of the Annafeld community and see the beautiful homes and yards for yourself! Our new home specialists will be happy to discuss all the details with you and answer any questions you may have! Request more information today!

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