Multi Generation Homes

Multi-Generation Homes in Billings, MT - McCall HomesMulti-Generation homes in Billings, Montana are becoming more and more popular—and for good reason. These specially designed homes are created to provide multiple generations of a family a place to live together. This style of home, coined by the home building industry as “Multi-Generation” has become more of a necessity than a trend.

Parents who once thought they were empty nesters have suddenly found their children moving back home based on a variety of reasons such as high student loan debt, an unstable job market as well as the high cost of rent. Add to this, the families who have made the decision to move their elderly parents into their new home to not only take care of them as they get older, but to help them live comfortably on their retirement and social security. When children, parents and grandparents all find themselves under the same roof the true definition of a multi-generation home clearly comes into focus.

The days of simply crowding multiple generations of family members into a single-family home, however, are truly over. In today’s market, new multi-generation homes are being built throughout the country with much more frequency. When it comes to the most spacious multi-generation homes in Billings, Montana, McCall Homes incorporates everything each generation requires in a new home.

A true multi-generation home consists of an open access floor plan providing ample space for family members to freely move about without imposing on each other. Multiple master bedrooms are also very popular, with main level suites being considered for the oldest members of the family. Often, multi-generation homes even include separate entranceways, additional kitchens or kitchenettes and may be attached or detached from the main house.

Have you been considering building a multi-generation home in Billings, Montana? If so, you really owe it to you and your family to call us at 406.651.5354. We will be happy to discuss the specific needs of every member of your multiple generation household from grandma to granddaughter!

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