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By Shane Lovering, New Home Specialist

It comes down to this—498. After more than a decade, the final single-family lot in Josephine Crossing can be reserved and built on. When completed next year, McCall Homes will have constructed in this quaint neighborhood along the Yellowstone River, 369 single-family homes, 86 townhomes and 43 cottages. My rough math says that equals 498.

Currently, 497 lots in Josephine Crossing have either homes, homes under construction, or homes getting ready to build on them. But not Lot 7. It sits, patiently waiting for that kind person, couple or family to come and stand on it and say, “We’ll take it!” It’s waiting to hear, “We didn’t pick Lot 7 , Lot 7 picked us!” It’s excitedly anticipating that grand backhoe to dig down deep and bring up that first cool, damp scoopful of native soil, preparing for the home that someone will call “the home of our dreams”.

A bit larger than many other lots in Josephine Crossing, Lot 7 is situated with a park right out the front door. It’s lot premium ($15,000) will be well invested with views from the front porch of the beautiful Beartooths and easy access to the Yellowstone River trails just down the street.

We know the name of the family who picked the first lot in Josephine Crossing just over ten years ago, the Koerbers. But we don’t know the name of the family or person who will select the last lot in the neighborhood. And its so much more fun to say, “I live next door to the Millers, or the Reichenbachs, or the Straights, than to say, “My neighbor is Lot 7 on Block 11,” don’t you think?

So if you have considered building a home in Josephine Crossing, this is the last call. Be part of a community like no other, a neighborhood where neighbors consider each other friends, where you know the name of people on your street, where a once lonely plat of earth becomes “home”. Please help us put a name to Lot 7—your name.

For those who are in a bit of a hurry and are looking for a home in Josephine Crossing soon, we still have six spec homes that are currently under construction and slated to be completed in October and November. One-story and two-story homes starting at $254,900. We also have three townhomes for sale now. Please visit our website for more information on lots, quick move-ins, and floor plans. Stop in to visit us in our Design Showroom at 1536 Mullowney Lane, 8-5 Monday through Friday or at our Model Home at 1706 Island View Drive from 1:00-4:00 on Sunday afternoons.

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