Questions To Ask When Choosing A Home Builder


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Building your home with your own vision is a unique adventure that should be experienced by every homeowner out there! But, depending on which home builder you are working with, this “unique adventure” can be a “dreadful nightmare”! In this article, we are going to show you which questions you should be asking before choosing a home builder.

How Many Years of Experience?

Perhaps the best thing a typical consumer can look out for is the experience of the home builder. That’s not to say a new home-builder can’t be any good, but if they don’t fulfill the other criteria mentioned below, you will be taking a huge chance!

McCall Homes was founded in 1993, by Jim McCall. A family-owned business from the start business from the very beginning, nowadays it is run by 3 children of Jim McCall: Brad, Carolee, and Greg. With almost 30 years of experience, you can rest easy!

How About Their Past Portfolio?

As we mentioned in the previous section, not every home builder may not have a long history, and that’s OK! But you, as the homeowner, must make sure that they have at least one successful project with a lot of happy customers. Check reviews on the Internet and ask the home builder directly for their portfolio. You can even ask other homeowners about their experience. Have there been any problems after they were delivered the keys to the house, and if there had been any problems, how did the home builder respond? Were they responsive, or did they simply say “it’s your problem now”?

Are They Actually Giving You Choices?

It saddens us to say that there are a lot of home builders out there that are home builders only by name. Some home builders will only give their customers a limited amount of options — only a few floor plans that can’t be modified in a meaningful way. Surely, if you are looking for a home builder, you want a high degree of customization. Otherwise, what’s the point of going to a home builder in the first place, you would just buy an already built one!

At McCall homes, we offer 18 floor plans of various shapes and sizes to our customers. We don’t have a single plan for every type of home — we have several for two-story houses, single-story houses, townhomes, and more! Not only that, you can design your house however you want! You want a private patio? You can detach your garage, and now you have your private patio!

Conclusion Paragraph

Choosing which home builder to work with is just as important of a decision as deciding to build your home instead of buying one. So before you finally select which one among dozens, you have to make sure they will take care of your home as it was theirs. These questions are also the ones that we, as McCall Homes, can answer without any hesitation! So if you like what you hear and want to check out McCall Homes, contact us or pay us a visit in Billings, Mt. to see for yourself – we are open from 8 am to 5 pm during weekdays!

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