Sometimes life can be funny. It’s like a baseball player stepping up to plate expecting a smoking pitch right in the zone, only to see nothing but curveballs. Purchasing a new home can be somewhat of the same experience. Ideally, you’ll take your time, choosing the perfect floor plan, the friendliest neighborhood and, of course, the most respected builder. After all, your home is one of the most important investments you may ever make!

But sometimes life throws you a big breaking curveball, either freezing you in your tracks or forcing you to swing away with authority! The McCall Homes team understands, and that’s why we provide new homes available for quick move-in.

Maybe you’re relocating to Billings for that dream job or an unexpected need arises leading you to find a new home sooner rather than later. Whatever surprises life hands you, we’re here to help. Here you will find a variety of existing homes at different stages of completion. We’ll do our best to work within your timeframe and preferences to find you the home you want.

All of our homes include these and more features and benefits:

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Keeps you comfortable on even the hottest days
Tankless Hot Water Heater Never run out of hot water again. No more cold shower surges!
95% Efficient Furnace Low gas bill and consistent temps all year long
Whirlpool Energy Star Appliance Package (Range/Oven, Vented Microwave and Dishwasher) America’s most reliable brand
Landscaped Yard with Underground Sprinklers & Drip System Beautiful home inside and out
LED lighting in fixtures and cans Money-saving low-energy bulbs that you might never have to replace as long as you live in your home
2 Car Garage A safe place for cars and your stuff
10 Year Warranty Guaranteed quality
  When you find your life’s journey leading you to Billings, Montana, and you need to move into a new home as quickly as possible, McCall Homes is here to help. Interested in any of our quick move-in homes? Contact us via our web form or call us today at 406-651-5354—we can’t wait to welcome you to Billings, MT!