Reasons To Buy A New Home This Winter Season

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It is hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. As the year nears its final days, it is a great time to begin thinking about your resolutions and goals for the upcoming years. While the most stereotypical New Years resolution involves working out more, there are many people that have their heart set on buying a new home this upcoming year. 

While it is known that the fall and summer seasons are a great time of year to buy a home, purchasing one in the winter season comes with just as many benefits. At McCall Homes, we have a variety of beautiful, brand new homes for sale in Billings, Montana. If one of your resolutions for the upcoming year is to purchase a brand new home — whether it’s your first one or a downsizing home — you can find the perfect home in our new living community, Annafeld

A Few Reasons Why Buying A New Home in The Winter Makes Sense

Waiting until the summer or fall to purchase a home often comes with more buyer competition, which could result in you finding the perfect home, but losing it to someone else. In the winter, though, not as many people will be outside looking at all the new homes for sale in the area of interest. This, of course, makes it easy and less-stressful finding the home of your dreams. Additionally, purchasing a new home in the winter comes with the following benefits:

Interest Rates Will Increase

Over the past year, mortgage rates have dropped more than a full percentage point — this was great news for those interested in becoming homeowners. Low interest rates mean it’s a great time for refinancing a home, becoming a first-time homebuyer, and upgrading or downsizing to a new home. While mortgage rates have dropped this year, financial analysts are predicting that the rates will increase next year!

Prices Often Increase With Demand

As mentioned, the summer and fall are popular times to purchase a home. It is estimated that new home prices increase three to six percent every year. Rather than waiting, buying a home for sale now allows you to get the best deal and have equity in your home shortly after you move in.

Tax Benefits

Purchasing a home creates a good bottom line when tax time rolls around. If you close on a new home by December 31, you will be able to deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, origination points on your loan, and interest costs — all while building equity in your home. These deductions can be huge money savers, especially in the early years of your loan when you’re paying off interest.

Purchase A New Home For Sale In Billings, Montana 

There’s no better time to have a beautiful, cozy home than the winter season! If you have been looking at homes for sale in Billings, Montana, don’t miss out on the spacious floor plans available in Annafeld! If you are interested in learning more about the home buying process, contact our home buying specialists today!

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