The Perfect Man Cave Design Upgrades For Dads


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There are few people more important in life than fathers, so it makes sense that we have an entire day dedicated to celebrating them and all the wonderful things they do for our families. This year, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get dad those gadgets and functional upgrades he’s been wanting for his man cave. Whether his special area of the house is located in the basement, the garage, or elsewhere, you can’t go wrong with these design-enhancing options that are sure to make him feel loved and appreciated. 

Read on to learn which man cave upgrades can make a great Father’s Day surprise, and be sure to contact McCall Homes in Billings for more information on homebuilding and interior design tips!

Pick A New Focal Point

Your dad may claim that he was responsible for the creation of his man cave, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s equipped with the interior design elements to make it truly awesome. If your dad already has a lot of personal belongings in his refuge room, you can surprise him by moving around existing furniture and objects to create a new focal point and to optimize fatherly feng shui.

For instance, if your dad has a pool table nudged into one corner and various chairs or couches interspersed elsewhere, get a few pairs of strong hands and work together to rearrange the pool table in the center of the man cave. This creates a feeling of centricity in the room and will most likely open up the floorplan, making it feel just as cozy as before while also optimizing the space to accommodate more activities and paternal pastimes. 

Organize Tools and Toys

Many dads are the go-to handyman of the house, so it’s likely that your father has a toolbox or gadget chest of some kind. What’s equally likely is that he hasn’t had the time or desire to go through his storage containers and optimize their organization. Whether it’s a tool box with traditional components like wrenches, saws, nuts, bolts, and hammers, or a drawer full of multifunctional wires and tech gadgets, your dad will be amazed and appreciative that you’ve taken the time to sort through his stuff and rearrange it in a logical and formulaic way.

Add Some Flair

For as wonderful as your dad may be, it’s highly possible that he doesn’t think about the design embellishments in his man cave as much as the average bear. Alternatively, he may have trouble finding the ability to let himself focus on things like interior design when he works overtime and spends his free hours fixing up the lawn or perfecting the performance of plumbing fixtures. 

Using what you know about your dad, find some small ways to enhance the flair of his man cave. Whether it’s installing a rack to hold his fishing poles or mounting a wooden holder to store his beloved barbecue utensils, any wall of a man cave can be optimized with a bit of flair that’s both aesthetically pleasing and totally practical.

Take On His Home Improvement Tasks

Many fathers enjoy the occasional DIY or fixer-upper task around the house, but when these chores pile up or get stacked onto a never-ending to-do list, it’s possible that he may start to feel overwhelmed and short on time to get them done. Take a look around his current “dad pad” and try to find areas that may be in need of repair and restoration. If his rocking chair is a bit squeaky or his wide-screen television could benefit from a leveling readjustment, do what you can to take care of these home improvement tasks.

Planning A Move? Help Dad Design An Original Man Cave!

Because of the warm weather, summer is a popular time for families to move homes, but this can often mean the moving process overlaps with Father’s Day. Your dad is a special fella who has given countless hours of his life to improving yours, so if you’re considering a major gift this Father’s Day and you’re already in the process of preparing to move homes, why not honor him by helping to create a custom-built man cave that’s all his own? 

At McCall Homes in Billings, we have a full team of design and construction specialists who are more than qualified to tackle the technical duties of a totally personalized property build. From blueprint design to hand-selected interior elements and accents, we have a wide spectrum of homes, townhomes, and carriage houses that can all be optimized and individualized to suit the needs of a family while still giving fathers the space they need to enjoy some he-time. 

We’ve already constructed several communities of homes in Montana, and many of these offer pre-built units and investment opportunities. Whether you’re interested in a basement-level man cave or a separate carriage house that he can turn into his own personal getaway, we have the industry know-how and professional expertise to create the home and supplementary structures that provide residential as well as recreational space.

For more information on why our Billings communities may be of interest to you, your family, and — of course — your father, contact our home builders today or explore our floor plans online now!

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