Tips for Back-To-School Prep at Home

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With back-to-school season just around the corner, parents are once again reminded that the summers here in Montana always seem to pass by a bit too quickly. Fortunately, there’s still enough time and daylight to get your home ready for the upcoming school session this fall. Whether your child is about to start second grade or sophomore year, will be in the classroom or virtual class, the tips and tricks we’ll share in this article are sure to leave you feeling ready for whatever this year’s back-to-school transition may bring.

Step Up the Upstairs

If your home has an upper level, it likely has a loft, a guest room, or an open space as well. Instead of letting this area go to waste, convert it into a study space for after school homework or daily online studies. Consider adding a work desk against one of the upper level’s walls, being sure to choose one with lots of drawers or shelves, as these can more easily be maximized for school supplies and storage. Work with your kids to determine which spot will hold binders, the place where pencils and small items will go, and how they intend to categorize this year’s collection of textbooks and reading materials. The more you’re able to arrange these academic items in a logical way, the less likely your kids will be to let it turn into a clutter zone.

Adjustable shelves accommodate various sized books, binders, and bins

Enhance The Entryway

The fall is not only a time when school resumes, but one in which sports and clubs start up again too. This can mean things get cluttered and dirty and bit faster than normal, but with the right preparation, the chaos of your busy schedule can avoid becoming part of your interior decor. 

Often called a utility room or a muck room, the entryway to your home can be used for a lot more than cleaning supply storage. If you don’t already have a shoe or coat organizer, these can easily be added and even integrated into a single unit. Whether combined or separate, these storage pieces will help your kids keep track of their tennies, jackets, and backpacks. You can further optimize your entryway with the aid of a few cubby bins, and a quick shelf installation can take advantage of a wall’s vertical storage space. When all these updates are incorporated into your entryway or muck room, your young ones won’t have to worry about where their things go — and you won’t have to worry about them tracking mud all over your clean floors!

Built In drawers hide the clutter of shoes, hats, mittens, sunscreen..

Combine Outdoor Living With Outdoor Learning

Perhaps you don’t have an upper level loft or an easily optimized utility room, but there’s still a few good months of warm weather here in Montana, so the great outdoors are fully available for some back-to-school upgrades. Whether it’s a back patio or a front porch, studying and homework can be made much more enjoyable when done under the sun. Simply clear off some table space, set up a mason jar pencil holder, and your kids will be all set to get started on their assignments. 

Set up outside on a warm Autumn Day

Consider A New Home Designed for You

If your current home is falling short of what you and your family need to live comfortably, then you’re likely dreading the school season and all of its uncertainty. Whether it’s a lack of space or an unaffordable mortgage, there’s a lot to be gained from moving to a more family-friendly home and community. 

McCall Homes would love to learn how our team can help you create a family-friendly home that facilitates a better back-to-school transition for everybody! From a ready to move-in home to flexible floor plans, our kid-friendly homes are not only affordable, but they’re also sure to accommodate the needs of your family. Call us to schedule a showing in Billings today, and we’ll help you find the place that everyone in your family feels proud to call “home”!

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