Tips For Finding The Perfect Family Home

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As if finding that “just right” home wasn’t hard enough, it can feel almost impossible to find the perfect home when you have to consider all the needs of everyone in your family. There’s no need to stress over a lack of viable options, though! At McCall Homes, our family-friendly communities are full of affordable and energy-efficient homes, as well as available lots where you can build your dream home! 

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to find the perfect home for you and your entire family. If you’re already looking for a property in Billings, be sure to explore our available floor plans, such as the Mammoth — a two-level home that’s perfect for families of 4 to 6. 

Tips For Finding The Perfect Family Home

  1. Location
  2. Sufficient Space
  3. Month-to-Month Expenses
  4. Community Values

Location Is Key

When you begin searching for any kind of real estate, you’re likely already familiar with the expression, “Location, location, location”. When seeking a family-friendly home, however, you may have to be a bit more discerning with the neighborhoods you choose to look into. As you go about narrowing down your geographic options, consider whether the homes you’re looking at are located near a good school for your kids, are close to where you work, and are acceptably close to essential sites such as grocery stores and healthcare facilities. 

McCall Homes decided to build its family-friendly communities along the Yellowstone River for precisely these reasons. Our current neighbors often tell us how much they appreciate the convenience and beauty of the location. Annafeld, for instance, is a 10-minute drive from Downtown Billings, and only a 5-minute walk from Elysian K-8 School. West High is a short drive as well. Although it’s a bit of an overused expression, there’s rather a lot to be said for the value of location when looking for your future family home. 

Ensure You Have Sufficient Space

It can be difficult to visualize just how spacious a home will feel from a square-footage floor plan, so make sure you tour each prospective property thoroughly before making any big decisions. While you’re looking at the floor plan, consider whether the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will sufficiently accommodate your family’s needs. Younger kids can often share a bedroom with their sibling, but your teen might not feel so jazzed about the same room setup! 

We have a number of floor plans here at McCall Homes with square footage designed to make a variety of family sizes feel comfortable. The Mammoth is one of our most popular home builds, thanks to its multi-level design that can be optimized to accommodate 4, 5, 6, or 7 bedrooms! From the basement to the second floor, you and your family can make yourselves at home in the open-concept living space. 

When you need a break from the stressors of the day, just draw a bath and relax in a luxurious soaker tub, one of our favorite add-ons. Or if you choose, soak up the rays of the Montana sunset from your front porch — you might even end up chatting with a friendly neighbor strolling by. In almost every room of The Mammoth, natural light will flood the surrounding space, from the master bedroom to the upstairs living room, so you can rest assured that your home will have a truly bright feel to it. 

Mammoth Family-Friendly Plan

Factor In Month-to-Month Expenses

From mortgage payments to cell phone bills, when you have kids, monthly expenses add up quick. When you’re buying a family home, you’ll obviously have to consider what you can and cannot afford to spend. Fortunately, we have a wide range of pricing options for our homes in Billings, so no matter your current financial situation, there’s likely a floor plan that fits within your family’s budget. 

As you look at different housing options and price points, you may also wish to think about the energy-efficiency and overall maintenance of your next home, as these two factors typically contribute the most to utilities and overall monthly expenses. Look for homes with maximized insulation, which not only protects your house from unwanted air infiltration, but it can also reduce monthly costs, ward off moisture damage, and keep you and your family comfortable on Montana’s most extreme climate days. 

But even the newest homes are only as good as the parts that go into it — that’s why McCall Homes constructs all of its homes with energy-efficiency and durability in mind. This shows consistently in our use of quality-certified materials from well-respected brands like: Owens Corning, Andersen windows, LP Smart Side, Sherwin Williams, Rheem, Kohler, Whirlpool, and Rainbird to name a few. See for yourself the difference McCall Homes offers: experience a real-time, 3-D walkthrough of another of our popular 4-bedroom family homes, The Roosevelt.

Consider Community

Finding the perfect family home requires not just a durable, efficient, well-designed home, but a connection with the neighbors and community features too! As you go house hunting, look for amenities and opportunities in the area that make it easier to meet nearby residents and their families. From taking the kids to the park’s playground to having a long bike ride along the trails of the Yellowstone River, it’s important to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance with your immediate community.

At McCall Homes, we’ve built our neighborhoods of family-friendly homes with community values in mind. We make it easier than ever for neighbors to interact with each other and to establish genuine relationships, whether it’s through a community event or a conversation with your neighbors on the front porch. Our goal is to provide every McCall Homes family with the means to have a rich and fulfilling social life, along with the peace of mind that comes from living in one of Montana’s safest and most kid-friendly communities. Beyond that, what more could you want from a family home?

When it comes to finding the right home for you and your family, you can trust that the McCall Homes team has a floor plan that will suit your family’s situation just right, whether you select The Mammoth, the Roosevelt, or another plan, you get to build your home your way!

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