Tips For Finding The Right Floor Plan For You


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A new home is an investment — and it’s important to choose a floor plan that works for you! Here at McCall Homes in Billings, we offer a wide range of floor plans to fit every size and shape of family, but choosing between them is up to you! As you’re house hunting, check out these four tips for choosing the right floor plan, and contact us with any questions you may have.

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Consider Your Family Size
The first thing you’ll need to consider when choosing a floor plan is how many people will be living in your new home. You want your home to be spacious and comfortable, but also feel cozy and appropriate for your family size. For example, if you’re empty-nesters downsizing to a smaller home, our two bed, two bath Canyon layout may work best for you. However, if you’re a growing family, the Mammoth or Roosevelt may be a better choice, since the two floors provide much more square footage. 
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Square Footage Matches Furniture Size
You’ve most likely invested a significant amount of money into the furniture you already own, and your new home should accommodate those pieces! When choosing a floor plan, be sure to factor in the dimensions of big pieces, like beds, couches, and tables. You can even measure the furniture and diagram where it could fit best in the floor plan you’re looking at!
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Flow Of Home Is Convenient
The square footage and number of bedrooms isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing a floor plan! The flow of your home is equally important. Think about what rooms you’ll be using most often and what you’d like to do with your space. For example, if you love entertaining and hosting, an open layout with an easy flow through the kitchen, dining, and living room might be best for you. Look at the floor plan and think about how you will move through the space on a daily basis.
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Home Has Various Functional Places
Your life will change and grow as you live in your home, and it’s important to have various functional places that can change with you. You may need that extra bedroom for a home office, but transition it to a gym when you get a new job.

House Hunting Billings 

Are you house hunting and ready to buy your new home in Billings? We have options for every size and shape of family! Choose from move-in ready homes or build a brand new home with our easy design process. Get started today!


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