Tips For First Time Homebuyers In Montana

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Whether you are tired of dumping your money into rent or you just want to provide your family with the security of a safe and comfortable home, making the decision to purchase a new home is one of the biggest — and best — decisions you can make. Of course, buying a new home can seem daunting, but the benefits of owning your own home far outweigh the initial uncertainties. 

At McCall Homes, we have a large selection of new single-family homes in billings that are perfect for first-time homebuyers. We understand that buying a home can be a daunting task to overcome for first-timers, but we’re here to help make the process as easy as possible. In this blog, we’ll share a few tips for first-time homebuyers.

Tip #1: Enroll In Our Free First-Time Homebuyers Course

Purchasing a home for the first time will surely bring some questions and uncertainties to your head. The best way to prepare for this huge life event is to gain an understanding of the process and everything that is involved. Fortunately, we offer a free First Time Homebuyer Course that will teach you the in’s and out’s of purchasing a home for the first time. Starting with this course will certainly help you feel more confident when taking on the next steps to come.

Tip #2: Check Your Credit Score

First things first, you should check your credit score. Keep in mind, your credit score will be one of the largest factors that lenders and banks use to determine your eligibility for a mortgage loan, which we will expand upon next. Additionally, your credit score can also help determine your interest rate and potentially the terms of the loan. Before beginning the homebuying process, it’s worthwhile to check your credit. Are there any errors that are negatively impacting your credit score? Dispute the errors and look for other ways to improve your credit, such as eliminating any outstanding debts. If you are working on improving your credit, it’s best not to apply for new loans or opening new credit accounts.

Tip #3: Explore Mortgage Options

Next, you need to consult with a bank to determine what your mortgage options are. It is important to have a solid understanding of what your loan potential entails, as this will help you figure out what it is that you can afford. This will help you avoid looking at homes that are out of your price range and it will allow you to begin planning for your monthly mortgage. When it comes to purchasing a home, having your finances secure is one of the most important things you can do!

Tip #4: Downsize Debt

Since lenders look at your credit history, having a lot of debt may make it difficult to qualify for a home loan with a good interest rate. Although it may be difficult, it should be your goal to pay off as much of your debt as possible. And, most importantly, you should avoid taking on any new debt. This means no new credit cards or vehicle loans — these should wait until after you close on your home loan!

Tip #5: Determine What You Want In A Home

Before you begin shopping for new homes, it’s important to have an idea of what you want in your home. You want to ensure that the home you choose meets your needs and one that you will enjoy for years to come. It is not a bad idea to make a list of all the desires you have for a home — everything from the floor plan to the color schemes, and size and location. It also may be helpful to make a note of the things you don’t want in a home. Taking the time to do this will make it easier to find a home that best matches your needs!

Tip #6: Search For New Homes For Sale

After you have determined what you can afford and what you want in a home, you can begin looking for new homes for sale. Be sure to look for a home that not only meets your needs, but also is in a safe, friendly community that offers plenty of amenities. Working with new home specialists can also streamline the process of finding and buying a home that fits your wants and needs perfectly.


Hopefully, these tips make the home buying process a bit less overwhelming for first-timers. If you are a first-time homebuyer in Montana looking for a new home, McCall Homes has new, single-family homes that make great first homes. Remember, our First Time Homebuyer Course is a great way to educate yourself and prepare for the steps involved in buying a home for the first time. If you are interested in learning more about our new home for sale in Billings, Montana, contact the new home specialists at McCall Homes!


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