Tips to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

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Summer is in full swing here in Montana, and when you live in a community as great as Billings, it’s easy to enjoy the season without leaving the comfort of your home. Since the Fourth of July is right around the corner, you might be thinking about how your outdoor living space is set up. Regardless of the acreage your Billings property may contain, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to optimize and enhance the layout of your yard, whether it’s the front porch or the back patio.

This article from McCall Homes features some of the best ways to maximize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space. Our team of Montana-based home builders and designers know what it takes to create a property that is not only pragmatically built to meet your needs, but reflective of you and your family’s personality and preferences. Read on to get some professional tips on enhancing your outdoor living space, and be sure to visit our blog for more informative and interesting articles on better living, home buying, and more!

BBQ & Grilling Stations

Whether you’re a steak lover or you only eat meat on occasion, a grilling or barbeque station is a useful and simple way to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Grills come in a wide variety of sizes and offer an assortment of specialized features, so you can scale the complexity of your grilling station to accommodate your unique BBQ needs! 

For the truly ambitious, you might consider upgrading your patio or yard space with a full-sized outdoor kitchen. Nowadays, you can get virtually any item or appliance you’d find in a kitchen that has been optimized for withstanding the elements. Add an umbrella or an overhead cover, and you’ll be able to enjoy a meal en plein air regardless of rain or shine!

Fire Pits And Fireplaces 

Inside the home, a fireplace is often seen as the center of the home, but the same is true of  hearths installed outside of the home. Properties with considerable outdoor space have the flexibility to integrate a large, traditional fireplace, perhaps with masonry and stone accents or a large chimney. If your backyard is more limited in terms of square footage, a fire pit can achieve the same homey, warm effect without taking up too much room. For instance, a stone patio foundation can accommodate an in-ground fire pit that serves the same functional purpose without extending above ground or adding bulk to the surface-level width. 

Whether you decide to enhance your outdoor living space with a more traditional fireplace or an innovative and modern fire pit, be sure to add seating and essential furniture to make it complete. For a more rustic look, you might consider adding wooden adirondacks around a fireplace with inlaid stones, or perhaps you’ll opt for a metallic and modern theme for your firepit: dark metals, steel seating, and marble-topped side tables. 

Water Features

The flow of a home’s design is not always a figurative expression — adding a water feature to your outdoor living area can dramatically improve the feng shui of any patio or property. Imagine how lovely it will be to sit outside on a balmy summer evening while the sound of rushing or trickling water accompanies the clink of glasses and quality conversations with friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a standalone ceramic birdbath or a fountain built into the soft slope of your exterior lawn, a water feature is a way to feel closer to nature while reinforcing your idea of “home sweet home.”

Create An Outdoor Living Space, Build Better Connections

Almost any and all additions you incorporate into your property can play a role in bringing you closer to friends, family, and neighbors. Enhancing the design of your yard, patio, garden, and other exterior areas makes your home a more inviting place from the outside-in. Take full advantage of the pleasant weather this summer brings and strengthen social connections by upgrading your outdoor living space today! And throughout the month of July 2020, we’re offering to elevate your outdoor experience with $4,000 in free upgrades*!

As a family-owned and largely family-operated business, McCall Homes is a huge fan of optimizing outdoor living spaces. For more tips and tricks on residential design and development, or to get information on our family-friendly homes and property lots in Billings, please contact our trustworthy team at McCall Homes today. 

Must reserve a lot to build on between July 1, 2020 and July 31, 2020. This promotion is not combinable with other incentives, promotions, or offers. This promotion is not retroactive on homes currently under reservation, contract, or under construction.

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