Top 10 Reasons to Build a New Home in 2019

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New home construction has several benefits in today’s market and there is something for everyone no matter what is important to you in a new home. Lets jump right into those benefits and reasons to build a new home.

  1. Safety and Health: With today’s building codes anything electrical worth worrying about is on it’s own circuit breaker so if it fails, it will shut off. Remember signing an addendum when you bought your house for lead paint? Not with a new home! Everything from carpet to paint now all has low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Breathe easy because you actually can.
  2. Low Maintenance: New homes are no different than a new car. They are designed to go further than ever before without needing a “repair.” From the furnace to the faucet, they are meant to go the distance if you take care of them along the way. If something does happen, there is a warranty on dang near everything in a new home, which brings us to our next reason to build a new home..…
  3. Warranty: That’s right! New homes come with a limited warranty. Each builder is different in how they handle their warranty but it should be “bumper to bumper” the first year, anything mechanical through the second year and then major structural through year 10. When choosing a builder, make sure they have a clear process for their warranty so you can take advantage of this benefit. Tip: Make sure you send in all registration cards for appliances, water heaters, furnaces, etc… because they usually have a much longer warranty on the product itself.
  4. Meet Your Needs with a New Floor Plan and Layout: Let’s face it, our families grow and change as we go through life. Kids get bigger and louder, so there seem to be more of them in your house as they get older. Maybe you have to make room for mom to move in with you. The days of keeping a house for 30 years and just making due are gone. We have choices and options in new homes that can meet the changing needs of your family. Extra bedrooms for the last little one that came along, bigger garages to explore those hobbies and a den for all of the teenagers hang out in. Anything is possible when you get to choose.
  5. Put Your Personal Touch on It: Speaking of choosing, this may be the best reason to build a new home. Design it the way you’ve always dreamed of your home looking. Cabinets, colors, carpets, sinks and doorknobs are just a few of the options you have to bring it all together. Want your house to look like the inside of your favorite coffee shop? You got it! Collaborate with a trained designer to pull it all together to get the perfect feel and make sure those important details don’t get overlooked.
  6. Energy and Cost Savings: This one goes farther than just Energy Star appliances. New homes have double-pane energy efficient and low maintenance windows. If you have old single-pane windows in your home then you know your dollar bills are literally leaking out of the windows every month. It’s not just in the winter when it’s cold that they leak either, they also bring in the heat and UV rays in the summer. Who knew you had to wear sunscreen INSIDE? New homes have more efficient hot water heaters combined with high-efficiency furnaces for the greatest monthly savings in heating and cooling. If you are currently spending hundreds of dollars a month on heating and cooling your home, you could use the money you save with a new home to go on vacation, save for college, or retirement, or build more into your new home. The options are endless.
  7. Quality and Comfort: Most new homes today are built with advanced framing techniques and coupled with exceptional insulation practices than ever before to get a tight building envelope on the home and then add in a proper ventilation system to keep clean air coming in and the stale air going out. Builders are held to the strict building codes and energy standards with each and every home they build to make sure the homeowner has the quality, comfort built, home that they expected.
  8. New Home Smell: I know this one may seem a bit off but think about it. What is the first thing you do when you buy a brand new car or pair of shoes? That’s right, you smell them! A brand new home is no different. It tends to stay that way for a while and then an interesting thing happens when you start to settle in, the house will start to smell like home and feel like home unlike an old home that has, who knows what, smells from someone else.
  9. Technology: The technology that is built into new homes is amazing! From thermostats and garage doors that you can control from anywhere on your phone to keypads on doors so you never get locked out again. Solar panels are becoming more cost effective so your home can produce it’s own energy. The sky really is the limit depending on what is important to you in your new home.
  10. Community and Amenities: Some builders know that there is more to buying a house than what’s within its walls. They understand that communities with amenities such as hiking trails, playgrounds, pools and basketball courts to name a few, are also important for a full lifestyle. Some of these planned developments are more like small towns with schools, grocery stores and the local pub on the corner. This really takes the hard part out of finding a new home and that’s location. Who doesn’t want to live in a great neighborhood that already has everything you need?


Which reasons are on the top of your list? The good news is that no matter what your most important reasons for building a new home are, all of the other benefits come with it as perks!

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