More profit. Simple.

We partner with trades individuals and businesses to increase their profit and simplify their life.

There is too much at stake.

Poor profit margins, material and supply delays, project cancellations, and difficult client management makes financial growth difficult.

You might be suffering from any of the following:

    • Material challenges
    • Poor profit margins
    • Inconsistent contracts and marketing; managing the busy and thin seasons
    • Difficult project timelines
    • Being spread thin covering too broad of a geographical area
    • Challenging client management
    • Financial Liabilities
    • Unsafe conditions in the workplace
Tradesman Struggles

There’s a better way.

We’ve had successful partnerships with trades individuals and businesses for decades…

Partnering with McCall Homes can provide you with consistent and steady projects, no overhead headaches, and no client management hassle. For you, this means more profit and more a simple life!

Individual Tradesman:

  • Paid on the job training – learn from the best. If you have a desire to learn, we can teach you the skills.
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Satisfying and instant gratification work
  • Be a part of a culture and team bigger than yourself
  • Competitive pay and benefits

Trades Business

    • No client management
    • No overhead challenges
    • A steady stream of projects: we are building 100s of homes a year
    • We have a long-term expansion plan that you could benefit from
    • Staff recruitment potential
Tradesman Opportunities
We get it.

We found a solution, and we’ve been where you are. We know what it is like to not have partners. We understand the struggle.

  • Client management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • COVID related supply scarcity and challenges
  • Inflation has driven pricing

McCall Homes has 30 years of experience, one master community finished, 100s of homes in our current project “Annafeld”, and a multi-city expansion plan in the works. Our customers are happy, and we have a path and vision forward. We are inviting you – let’s tackle this together.

We’ve been building durable & efficient homes for decades.

If you have skills, want to learn, or own a company that any does the following, we want to talk. 

  • Landscaping
  • Painting (interior / exterior)
  • Framing
  • Concrete
  • Drywall
  • Plummer
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Finish Carpenters

We are looking for businesses, professionals, or even amateurs looking to get into the business. Let’s work together.

McCall Homes is a development company looking to complete our current multi-phase development project. We have close partnerships with local businesses and our talented and seasoned staff. We will be expanding to other parts of Billings, Montana, and possibly beyond.

We are excited to meet you if you are looking for a great way to expand your business, build a career, or learn the trade. If you are a business or small crew, you might benefit from planned and consistent work.

McCall Homes is an excellent fit if you have always wanted to work with your hands but didn’t have the skills, training, or opportunity. If you are a professional looking to join a fantastic, thriving, and fun community, this will be an excellent place for you.

Want to learn the skill of framing? Are you studying to be an electrician or plumber at a technical school? We can teach you, much like an apprenticeship, learn on the job and potentially work with us long-term or have access to our long list of partner companies who are always looking to grow.

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