Which McCall Home Designs Are Right For You?


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Here at McCall Homes in Annafeld, we offer 18 types of homes with different floor plans (that can still be customizable with add-ons) for your all needs and desires. Our plans range from newly married couples without any children to couples that are dealing with 3 children or more! In this blog post, we will try to give some examples of our available plans, of course explaining all 18 models will be exhausting, so we will limit this post with the most popular designs!

Affordable Single Level Homes

For singles and couples without children, we suggest taking a look at single-level homes. If affordability is the name of the game, then you should consider taking a look at our Glacier model. Coming in at 1,064 sq ft, it might seem a little small, but it does not make any compromises when it comes to creature comforts, like a walk-in closet or a two-car garage. If you are still looking for affordability, but you have kids (or they are on the way!), consider the Pryor model. It still comes in at a little over 1,000 sq ft, but this model comes with three bedrooms, which can be very handy for couples with kids!

Spacious Single Level Homes

What if you don’t want a two-story home, but you also don’t want to downsize too much? Well, in that case, we would suggest considering taking a look at the Norris. It comes with plenty of room with 1,360 sq ft and if the garage is detached, a big patio area opens up. So you can still have a nice little garden on a relatively low budget. Still want a  bigger home but want it single level? We have you covered with the Sundance, our largest single-level home. Coming in at 1,668 sq ft, it includes a master suite with a huge walk-in closet.

Affordable Two-Story Homes

If you want the living areas and bedrooms on two separate floors, but still have affordability on your mind, look no further than the Bighorn model. Our most affordable two-story home comes with three (or four) bedrooms, and just because they are affordable, they are not tiny. The master bedroom is very spacious and again, boasts a big walk-in closet. Its affordability comes from the smaller patio area. If you can’t live without a nice big yard, take a look at our Arrow, another one of our most popular family homes. If you detach the garage, you will get a big private patio that is only for you!

All-In: Homes For Large Families

If you have a large family, but you still want everyone to have their own private space, you should take a look at our 2,000+ sq ft homes! Roosevelt, one of our all-time favorites, is the perfect model for couples with older children. Since the master bedroom is on the main level, teenagers will have all the space to spread out, avoiding ugly fights! This is also perfect for couples looking for privacy because the master bedroom is on the back of the house. The laundry room is right next to the master bedroom, which also makes it incredibly practical.

McCall Homes – New Home Construction Annafeld

While we tried to show some examples of  McCall Homes you can find in the Annafeld community, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To see all of our floor plans (and the add-ons and options available for each plan) you should check out our catalog. If you find a plan that you really like, you can request a tour from the website, or contact us directly by phone! Our house tours are available from 8 am to 5 pm during the week, and on the weekend we work by appointment! We are only 10 minutes away from downtown Billings, so make sure you pay us a visit!

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