10 Questions to Ask Before Building a New Home

Building a new home begins with a lot and, if chosen correctly, can lead to building a house that will stand for generations with proper building techniques and materials used.

Below are 10 questions to ask before building a new home:


  1. How big is your family?

People who plan on having children soon should always follow at least three criteria for building a new home:

Energy-efficient building materials

– Appliances  that are energy-efficient

– Building techniques 


  1. How long do you plan on living in your new home?

If building a custom home, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are necessary? Does it have to be two stories, or can it be one story with the garage underneath? Make sure the building team stays true to the initial design of your house throughout construction.


  1. What’s most important for your family?

What made you choose a particular lot of land over another? Open space, privacy, or location?


Construction and Materials


  1. What construction materials are your dream home composed of?

For custom homes, the building materials will play a big part in resale value. If building a house to last a lifetime, always choose building materials such as:

– Hardwood flooring

– Solid wood doors

– Custom windows


  1. What are the criteria for finding a builder who shares your vision?

Make sure you find a building team that has built other custom homes like yours before, and they have been successful at it. Also, ask other clients if they were pleased with their new custom homes building process and building materials.


  1. What is the most crucial room in the home?

This may seem like a silly question, but it’s not if you want to know your building team is building a custom spine and customized building materials for each new home they design and build. When creating a new home, make sure there isn’t an arbitrary number of bedrooms and bathrooms –customers should be involved as much as possible in the building process from start to finish.


  1. When choosing a lot, check the soil first?

If building on sloping land or wet ground, will those building challenges affect the construction of your new custom home? Be very cautious when buying building lots that have been flooded previously because many building materials such as insulation and building techniques will be affected by moisture content.


Questions for your Builder


  1. Ask your builder what your most challenging demand from a client was?

Satisfying building requirements for building custom homes is not an easy task –it requires suitable building materials and a building team with the knowledge and experience to complete your dream home on time and within budget.


  1. Ask your building contractor what your procedure is for handling obstacles and delays?

Building custom homes need flexibility, which is why building new homes on schedule can be complex at times due to weather or building material shortages. That’s why every building team member must have contingency plans in place before starting the construction of any new home. Building a custom home building team has contingency plans in place, building delays can be significantly reduced.


  1. Ask your builder what type of custom home will have the best resale value?

New construction building is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life –finding a building team with experience building homes similar to yours can make building your dream new custom home smooth and affordable.

Before building a new home, do your homework on builders in your area. McCall Homes is an excellent place to start if your location is Billings Montana, their qualifications are thorough, and they have been building quality homes for more than 25 years.

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