Should You Move During The Pandemic?

With the recent outbreak of the 2021 pandemic, . The flu has made it difficult to maintain employment while also preventing anyone from traveling safely. Going during this time may hinder your chances of getting a job in your new state or city, but you should consider the benefits. This can save you money, allow you to establish friendships before school begins, and get settled into a new home instead of living in temporary housing for an extended period.

If You Can Afford It

Moving is expensive, that’s no secret. The average cost of relocating is roughly $5,000, and obtaining movers can even add up to more than that price tag if they go over several hours or if you need to rent a truck.doing this during the pandemic and shipping your belongings afterward will save you money. Companies often offer discounts for moving during this period. Additionally, if you’re traveling by plane, there is no way to guarantee that your flight won’t get delayed or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances such as sick passengers. Moving during the pandemic also means that you may only need to pay for one plane ticket instead of two if you wait until after the pandemic has ended, so purchasing a plane ticket closer to when you want to go can help cut costs further.

If You Want To Get Settled In One Place

When coming from out-of-state and planning on attending school in a different area than where you are currently living, it’s best to relocate during the pandemic—Transferring before the school year will allow you and your family to settle into a new home and meet new people before classes begin. Going during this time will enable you to focus on making friends instead of searching for housing, but be aware that if you can’t afford movers or plane tickets, search for accommodation early so that you aren’t left without anywhere to live once classes do begin.

If Moving Is Your Only Option

Moving during the pandemic period may be your only option. During the pandemic means that you will have to pay for movers as well as a plane ticket, but if it’s an opportunity that could help your career or schooling, then consider doing it anyway. While moving costs money and comes with risks such as becoming unemployed if you move too far away from your current job, other factors are at play for those who absolutely must move due to work or school obligations.

How The Pandemic Affects Moving Costs


Pandemics are unpredictable. Moving companies often offer discounts for moving during the pandemic due to the lack of travelers, but this doesn’t mean that you can automatically expect a value on your new home or mover. Trucks and planes may be filled with people trying to get out of their current city, so don’t expect an easy ride no matter what day of the week you move. Moving during the pandemic also means an increased chance of getting stuck at your destination or having your shipment delayed because they may not have enough vehicles available to ship everyone’s belongings promptly. Moving during this period isn’t impossible, but it requires planning if possible.

When Should You Start Moving?

Allow yourself sufficient time to pack everything and get out of your current home. The average time to get out of your existing home and into a new one is roughly between three and four days. Moving closer to the pandemic means that you need to give yourself adequate time before leaving, while moving after the pandemic can be done in two or three days, depending on how long it takes you and your mover to transfer everything. Moving during the pandemic saves money, but it also means that you have less time to do so. Going before the pandemic is ideal, but it’s not strictly necessary to move at all. Just be sure that wherever you are you have adequate time to finish packing and move everything else.


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