ADU Housing, What Is It?

An ADU is a secondary structure that can be added to an existing home or built separately but on the same property. An ADU stands for:

A- Accessory Dwelling Unit

What is an ADU?

An ADU acts as an apartment and typically comes with its kitchen, living room, and bathroom. ADUs come in all shapes and sizes, such as converted garages into tiny houses. They also usually have their separate entrance from the main house.

These units are used to house family members such as elderly parents whose children need some extra space for themselves – or maybe your kids need more privacy than you’re willing to give them. ADUs are often rented out if they came with the property or needed to bring in more income when you purchased it. ADU living can be just what you need – ADUs are cheaper to build than the main house addition, it gives your kids some extra space, and ADU landlords make some extra income.

Why would you want an ADU?

They are becoming very popular for homeowners all around the world. Some people even go as far as to say that it should replace traditional starter homes! Whether you want to rent out, maybe use it as a studio apartment or convert your garage into an ADU, there are many reasons why they are now increasing in popularity every year.

Homeowners who wish to build one on their property must first learn about the planning process, permits, and design before construction may begin. Planning requires thorough research before construction begins.

ADUs can be made in shapes and sizes, but they must meet their local building standards. Homeowners should remember that they are limited to one per property, no matter how many separate structures are on the home’s lot – only one is allowed. Many ADUs are built with flat or gable roofs to accommodate solar panels. Still, they usually have slanted ceilings for easier access when moving furniture in and out of the unit.

If you’re looking to buy a house with an ADU, there are many important questions to ask the realtor about these secondary living spaces before purchasing. Some homes do not come with one, so other properties on the market have the space to rent out or convert. Sometimes these ADUs are built into garages or have extra room for ADU living.

If you’re looking for a house with an ADU already built-in, know what kind of questions to ask your realtor first, like how much space is available? Can it be converted? What do the neighborhood’s homes look like? These answers will help give insight into whether it would work well within your primary house – because some blend right in, and others stick out like a sore thumb.

They are typically cheaper than main house additions, they offer privacy, and landlords make some extra income . Whether you are building an ADU on your property or buying a home with one already built-in, they can be a great living option for many reasons. If you’re looking for housing or properties, then ADU living might be the right fit for your family.

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