Billings Montana, Should It Be The Next Place For Your Family?

Why should you move to Billings, Montana?

Billings, Montana, is an excellent place for people who love the outdoors. Montana has multiple national parks and tons of trails devoted to hiking, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, camping, etc. If you are into fly-fishing or rafting, then Billings is the place for you!

Another reason that makes Billings an attractive destination would be its low cost of living. Housing costs are very fair, especially if you move closer to the town where housing tends to be more expensive. For example, $400k will fetch you something like three bedrooms and two bathrooms in the city center, but farther out, it could get as cheap as two bedrooms and one bathroom homes.

What is there to do in Billings, Montana?

Outdoors activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, and camping are very popular in Billings. If you like to fly-fish or raft, this is the place for you! Also, downtown Billings has lots of bars and restaurants to keep the young crowd entertained.

There are many activities, such as; football games at Rocky Mountain College, hang gliding lessons from the West Glider Base, Yellowstone River fishing & rafting trips, etc. If you like theaters, then much like Bozeman and Missoula (both surrounding cities) and Helena (the state capital), Billings also has a theater scene that isn’t too shabby either!

When the night comes, you have all the bars, clubs, theaters, malls, etc., to choose from if you are into that kind of thing.

Is Billings, Montana an excellent place to live?

Overall, Billings is a great place to be, especially when the weather is out being nice. When you visit, you will enjoy your time in this beautiful city! It provides one with many opportunities, whether it’s for work or play. Moving here would undoubtedly add more diversity to your lifestyle!

Moving will be an excellent decision because it is only 2 hours away from North of Yellowstone National Park, which has over 300 geysers and hot springs, so there’s no lack of fun stuff to do for everybody! The air quality in Billings matches up with its clean environment rating and has perfect scores in food safety and drinkability tests.

Is Billings, Montana safe?

Billings is one of the safest cities in the USA, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ 2017 crime report, with only one violent crime per capita! Also, the property crime rate in Billings is relatively low at 19 property crimes per 1000 people, which is lower than most other major cities. Property crimes include but are not limited to burglary, arson, etc.

So all in all, Billings does have this “safe city” label well deserved! It is one of the safest cities in the USA, with low crime rates and very few incidents/accidents per capita due to its small size and respect for each other.

What’s the cost of living in Billings, Montana?

Billings’ housing cost is lower than most other large cities in the United States. For example, if you bought something like a four-bedroom three, bathroom house with a two-car garage, it would only run about $400k, whereas in Los Angeles (which has very high housing costs) will likely go over 1 million dollars. For something like that same home!

Groceries are relatively inexpensive, along with eating out, depending on where you decide to go out. Also, gas prices are usually around $2.95-3.05 per gallon, which isn’t too bad considering that many cities have gas prices closer to $4+.

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