Billings, Montana, Should You Move Here?

Why are people moving during the pandemic?

The reason why people are transferring right now is due to the arrival of COVID-19. People think that if they move far away from it, they will be protected against all diseases. Moving has become quite popular among the survivors in North America (because of this disease).

Moving can help you get out of an area where a disease might be prevalent and go to an area with no problems with contagious illnesses. Moving can also help you escape violence or other dangerous things happening in your local location. Moving could mean obtaining more stable food sources (i.e., fresh veggies), less crowded settings, higher education opportunities for young children, etc.

Moving right now can also help you avoid some of the disadvantages of being in a place where COVID-19 has become active. Moving might keep you safe from social unrest or violence if civil disobedience, riots, or conflicts within your community. It may prevent health problems that have been seen to arise from long periods spent indoors, away from vitamin D-producing sunlight.

Why should you move to Billings, Montana?

Billings is located in the south-central portion of Montana and is near Yellowstone National Park (about 100 miles southeast). It’s surrounded by the Beartooth Mountains, Pryor Mountains, and the Wolf Mountains. Moving to Billings is recommended because it’s a safe place with low crime rates.

The cost of living in Billings is also extremely low compared to most places in the United States. Moving to Billings could mean easy access to mountain trails, ski resorts, rafting spots on the Yellowstone River, fishing holes at Yellowstone Lake or Red Lodge Creek, cross-country skiing trails at Petroleum County Park, horseback riding trails at Sundance Trails Ranch, hike paths at Aquarium Point Natural Area & Nature Trail or Prickly Pear Canyon Natural Area, etc.

Why move here in particular? Why not! There are plenty of things you can do just within Billings itself. Moving to Billings would mean no cars are required. Billings could also be a great chance to bond with your family, make new friends, or start a romantic relationship with an awesome person!

Moving here could give you lots of opportunities for lifelong memories and experiences. Also, the cost of living is low–so you don’t have to take out student loans forever because apartment costs are cheap!

What is there to do in Billings, Montana?

There’s lots of stuff that people can do just within Billings itself. There are over fourteen museums in Billings alone: Yellowstone Art Museum, Carousel Museum, Children’s Discovery Museum & Planetarium, Carnegie Arts Center, Geological Museum, Railroad & Transportation Museum, Montana Military Museum, Montana Natural History Center, etc.

Moving to Billings can give you access to many events that occur throughout the year, like the Buffalo Bill Days Rodeo & Parade in mid-July, The Montana State Fair (with concerts, 4H livestock exhibits, carnival rides, and lots of food), Shakespeare in the Parks for something cultural and exhilarating to do during summer break or any other time of the year since it happens every year, plus much more!

Montana is also known as Big Sky Country due to its abundant natural beauty. Moving here can mean joining a community of outdoor lovers who enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, biking trails at Three Forks Park, cross-country skiing trails at Petroleum County Park, horseback riding trails at Sundance Trails Ranch, hiking paths at Aquarium Point Natural Area & Nature Trail or Prickly Pear Canyon Natural Area, etc.

Moving to Billings would give you access to Yellowstone National Park (only 100 miles southeast). Driving here can give you great photo opportunities, especially if you like taking landscape shots.

What is the cost of living in Billings, Montana? 

Moving to Billings means your monthly bills will be very low! For example, the average apartment costs around $569 per month–that’s less than most apartments in New York City! Utilities are extremely cheap since it’s a very windy place with lots of sunshine, plus Air Streams Mobile Park provides free electricity for its residents!

Moving to Billings could mean you can focus on saving money for other things, like a degree from a seminary or Bible College. Moving here could allow you to afford to go to college! Moving here means your life insurance will be cheaper–and if you die without it, well, that’s your hard luck!

Moving to Billings may also mean free riding the bus (Air Streams Mobile Park provides residents with free transportation everywhere within a 4-mile radius). Moving here would probably be the cheapest and best decision of your life since everything costs so little and there’s lots of stuff to do in Billings.

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