Budget vs. Design – Striking a Balance

Choosing between budget vs. design is a common dilemma for those who are looking to build a custom new home.


When choosing a budget, you can follow the latest trends and provide your family with access to all of today’s modern necessities. You might even be able to afford some luxuries and upgrades during the building process. The downside: If there is an issue with your electrical wiring or plumbing, someone could get hurt at home due to faulty equipment. Is it worth spending less now to pay more later potentially?


Custom Home Builders VS. Budget Building


Choosing design means hiring a custom home builder, such as McCall Homes, who will respectfully integrate your wishes into their custom designs. You can hire multiple subcontractors to deal with plumbing, electrical, and every other aspect of composition you’re interested in. The downside: There is always a possibility that the final home will differ slightly from your initial vision.


As for building a new home, it’s preferable to hire a custom home builder over a budget builder who often uses sub-contractors who provide quantity over quality. This means the work done on your home may not last as long as it should or could cost more than it should down the line because repairs are necessary sooner than later. Custom home builders typically work directly with subcontractors who prioritize quality above all else. They do this at prices budget builders can’t beat because they purchase materials in bulk.


The budget vs. design dilemma exists because budget builders want to help first-time homebuyers or those who are looking for a custom home without the custom price tag. The truth is that budget builders will typically produce more homes than custom home builders, which can keep costs very low. Custom home building prices tend to be higher than budget building prices because one, your choices affect the entire project, and two, you receive personalized service from start to finish. Yet, it is possible to strike a balance between budget and design by asking yourself some key questions. You might enjoy something different about each type of builder: budget builders may work faster with lower quality but send out lots of models for you to choose from, whereas custom home builders may work slower but provide a higher quality home that suits your budget.


Asking the Important questions


The following advice can help you decide whether budget or design is the best approach for you:


  1. Can your budget afford a custom home?
  2. Are you comfortable with making compromises as long as they’re not permanent?
  3. Have you found a budget builder who provides good models and offers customization too?
  4. Do you want to receive personalized, professional service from start to finish?


If you can say yes to all of these questions, the budget building is probably the right choice for you. If budget building sounds like something that won’t last, then it’s time for custom building. (with affordable custom options like McCall Homes). Custom building is also a great choice if budget building feels too impersonal for your tastes. Whether budget or design builds your new home, building with McCall Homes ensures you have enough budget to do so comfortably and will receive the best possible service from start to finish.


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