Why Community Building Is Becoming More Popular

The article discusses the increasing popularity of community building being included in custom home builders’ construction.


Why Community Centers Add Value


One of the most overlooked perks in today’s custom home building is community centers, but their popularity is increasing in new developments. 


According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), community centers encourage community involvement and social gatherings while at the same time keeping physical activity levels high through the incorporation of features like playgrounds and community gardens. 


Until about 20 years ago, community centers were not included in residential areas. Nowadays, community centers are becoming more popular than ever before. 


The Rise Of The Mini-Cities And Community Centers


Not only can you find community centers within neighborhoods, but people also enjoy living above commercial buildings. Having entertainment so close by is convenient for residents who work long hours. People above these commercial spaces also appreciate having access to a mini-city without leaving their neighborhood.


Most people these days prefer living within walking distance from their favorite restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues instead of driving everywhere. 


Another reason why neighborhood activities are becoming even more popular is that many people like spending time outdoors instead of indoors at home all day long.


The Community Value To Buyer & Seller


Many community builders are adding community centers or activity facilities to their homes to add value. Commercial real estate is becoming more popular within residential areas because people have no problem living above or around retail businesses.


Commercial real estate developers understand that community centers and gardens pique buyers’ interest. Since these centers and parks offer considerable appeal to potential buyers, some builders have started prioritizing neighborhood features over outdoor acreage. 


Some homebuyers want more than just neighborhood assembly areas with any new residential real estate purchase; they want the convenience of living near the commercial property like grocery stores, parks, and walking trails. 


For example: instead of having one community center where can enjoy tennis courts and playgrounds, community developers are now building gathering spaces, gardens, parks, and trails all in one convenient location.


In Summary, Community Is Important When Buying A Home


These social gathering areas today are not just a place to assemble. They have become a primary necessity, allowing families to enjoy various activities within their community alongside their neighbors. 

Are you looking for a custom home builder who offers more than just community centers? Contact McCalls Home Builders today to learn more about our neighborhood plans. It’s not just your future home you’re building; it’s your community.

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